Leveling heroes and troops

I would like to comment and ask E&P for a little help on pricing of hero and troop leveling. When feeding 2* heroes to a level one 5* hero the price is 5000 foods to raise the hero 473 growth points, when feeding a 1* hero to this same 5* hero the price is 5000 foods for 180 growth points. Same price for 293 fewer points. For feeding a 2* hero to a level four 5* hero the price is 12,100 foods for 468 growth points, when feeding a 1* hero to this same 5* hero the price is 12,100 foods for 180 growth points. For troops it is the same less than half the points for the same price (90 pts and 40 pts). I am hoping after reading this E&P management will show a little mercy on us out here in E&P world and cut the price on 1* feeders. Such a small change will help your customers out a quite a bit. It’s hard enough to build up food without paying the same price for 1 & 2 star feeders.

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just don’t feed 1* after a certain point, I stop at 3/50 and 4/30 and do 2* or above only


That’s the main reason I use 2* feeders to level 5* heroes. The 1* feeders are used to level 3* heroes, lower levels of 4* heroes and 5* costumes.


Well to be precice, the price per feeder is depending on the level of the hero and not on the ascension, it starts out “cheap” and is raised with every level. After the ascension it starts over at the same “cheap” starting price.

I picked an arbitrary number I am willing to pay per feeder (10k food) and above that price I will not use 1* feeder heroes. That happens at the convenient to remember level 50 every time. So at 1-50, 2-50, 3-50 and 4-50. Above that I use only 2* feeders or better, while the 1*stars in the mean time go to an alternative project, that can be another 5 star hero (at level below 50 on any ascension) or a 3 or 4 star hero. Once the next ascension hits I go back to level that hero again with all the feeders in that color, while the alternative project goes dormant until I hit lvl 50 again.

Of course you could adjust this system to any price per feeder you like, well within reason. You can´t go below 5k for obvious reasons, but even going anywhere near that level means you will need a LOT of alternative leveling projects, while your 5 stars will be extremely slow to upgrade.

Also as a warning: This system minimizes food consumption, while keeping the overall XP gain (meaning the number of maxed heroes per time) constant, however it takes quite a bit longer to level an individual hero (because half the time you are leveling 2 heroes simultaneously), so it is not exactly a good system for impatient people who just want their newest toy maxed out yesterday.


The reason I asked about this is I have been leveling with 2* only, the problem is you get probably 10 to 15 1*’s to ever 2* you receive. I bet I have 2 to 3 hundred 1* feeder in each color. There just not worth using if there the same price as 2*’s for less that half the growth points. I’m not asking for 1*’s to be half the price of 2*’s but the same price?!? Give us a little bit of a break here to make it worth using 1*’s.

Hmmm…. What training camps do you run? I run TC2 and TC11. On average, it’s 50%/50% for 1*/2* feeders. Maybe worthwhile reviewing your TC choices?


I run the same TC’s (2 & 11). You should keep track for a week or so.

Just out of curiosity.
How do you max your specials on costumes and 3* heros? :slight_smile:

Welcome to over-thinkers anonymous… Please have a seat and wait your turn to introduce yourself.

How many ways are there to level anything? Feed with 1 & 2 star heroes

Am I not gonna get anyone to agree that it would be nice to have 1* feeder heroes prices reduced to help with leveling?!? This isn’t asking for too much, just a little minor help from E&P help ALL players especially new players. I am not a new player. I have been playing for 4+ years.

I don’t think it’s so much that players disagree with you about the scaling of food for feeding purposes, just that most are jaded to the highly probable scenario that this won’t happen.


Thats a great Philosophy, it sux but it needed to be asked. Not sure if it has ever been asked before. I am an eternal optimist and keep hoping E&P starts to help the players out a little bit. i.e. Out of the last 75 pulls I have had on TC20 I have gotten one 5* for a whopping .013%. And in the total of 648 TC20 pulls I have received 27 5* heroes for a whopping .042% (rounded up) and all of them have been season 1 heroes which for the most part are worthless (with a few exceptions) with all the incredibly strong heroes coming out now. However, I still enjoy playing the game so I’ll just stay optimistic that E&P to loosen the purse strings and start helping us out with the small things.

PS: I have kept a list of all the TC20 pulls I have gotten since the day I could use TC20
by date received and who I received (yes I am THAT big of a nerd).

You cannot train heroes other than S1 in Training Camps. The only way to acquire non-S1 heroes in one of your buildings would be HA10. And even there the chances are so small you have to look for them under a microscope.

of course I would agree lol! I want everything to be cheaper and I want to get more of everything that I get! Always! In this game and in real life too!

However the reality is: SG is a company, if you want them to do something you need to show them how they will earn more money by doing so. Giving stuff away cheaper than they used to do seems exactly the opposite direction of where they want to go.
So what we are trying to do is: help you find way to deal with reality. Everybody does in their own way, some are more ingenious than others, some simply pay full price. Whatever people feel like doing.

So I will definitely not stop you from asking for cheapies for everybody, I´ll be more than happy to get them! But while I am waiting for it to happen, I do all I can do on my end to play as cheaply as possible and not waste the resources I already have too few of just in the hopes of a miracle.

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I understand what you are saying Gargon and I agree I will just keep enjoying the game but I have resolved to stop spending any money on it. Not that I spend a lot of $$ to begin with (especially with the economy the way it is) but the little I do spend will dry up and I’ll just use what little the game gives. As long as people spend medium to large amounts of $$ nothing gonna change. It’s still a pretty awesome game that SG is trying it’s best to ruin.

First your math is flawed! 5 out of 75 are rounded 6.7%. That is better than the 5% which were observed through datamining from some players.
Even on the long tun youf quote for /7 oug of 642 i say 4.2% and therefore in the observed bracket of 5% allowing for some standard deviation.

Second, food is one of the limiting and therefore balancing mechanisms of the game. My farms are maxed ( 6x lvl.20 and 3x A10 ) and of course the watchtower too. I have enough food to run three queues in Alchemy Lab non stop, HA10 non stop, two TC20, one TC11 and one TC11. I can level two 5* or a 5* plus some 3/4 * heroes every month and build enough battle items for all events and titans.
So food is not really a bottleneck.
There are more urgent things to fix in this game.

Happy gaming

Just have to take your time leveling. Especially 5* heroes. I’ve been playing for more than 4 years now. It always takes me about a month to fully level a 5* unless i use a tome. Try not to rush level. Dont compete with the top 100 lol.

You not spending any money is a choice that has very little do with the OP, but good for you! Actually thinking about it: it will help with your problem in the long term as you are not getting anymore heroes that will improve your roster very often, thus you can stop upgrading heroes altogether in a while, ionce you have upgraded whatever you have left from your spending days… only upgrading the occasional lucky pull will not cause any major trouble in the food department.

Once everybody stops spending money the game will simply end, as there would be no interest for SG to keep it running. Not spending on the worst parts of the game, but spending money to push the game into a certain direction might be the more successful path, but that is a discussion for a different topic.

Gargon, I, at this time, have 55 five star heroes at 3/70 waiting for mats (12 red; 11 green; 10 blue; 11 yellow; 11 purple) and since it takes several months to get the mats to do just one hero I seem to be set for the long haul. I also have 42 heroes fully leveled and 16 of those 42 at 4/85. I am asking if the 1* feeders can be reduced in cost mainly for troops and for the newer members who join to have a better chance to get strong enough to really enjoy the game hence strengthening the game for future generations.

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