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So I have crap for green heroes. I have elkanen and just about to have enough mats that I could level him and the only other 4* is gaderius and skittleskull. I have 3 fully leveled 3*. But blue titans suck for me. Who should I level or should I hold out til I get a different green?? I’m ftp too so I’m not spending a bunch of money to get Tarlek etc.

I also have pretty decent blue red and purple 4*

For titans: Gadeirus. He is also good tank for f2p


Level Gadeirus and keep gems for Xmas: seems like you could get better green 5* there.


Level Gadeirus. Get your TC up to 13, and then 20, and the green heroes will show up eventually

Standard recommendation is to run one or several Training Camp 20 to produce some 4* and even 5* including green. I have an f2p account that produced me Kashhrek, Little John and Caedmon from a single TC20 in 3 months.

Both Skittle and Gaderius are slow. Skittleskull has better attack stats than Gaderius, as far as I can see. So, logically, Skittle can be more effective in raids and for Titans. On the other hand, Gaderius boosts attack and regenerate health…

It looks to me that you can flip a coin whom to ascend first. I’d bring the both to 3.60 and see what will be the situation. May be you’ll get better 4* green by that time.

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thanks for the replies, I have 3 TC at 20 but I use only one for level 20 trainings and the others for getting feeders.

I have gotten 3 5* from my TC and several 4* but no greens(when I was doing 3 TC 20 level trainings at a time), skittle from a summons and gad from atlantis summons

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