Leveling costumes

I leveled tyrum (roman costumed) to his max. Got his special to 5.
I was planning to use my extra Tyrum to give him a insta +1 (as in normal leveling once fully leveled)
But it only gives 30% .
I think this is a bug.
Could be that tyrum is not roman tyrum.
Could be that an extra tyrum costume would work that way. (100% special leveling)
Still think it’s buggy or badly thought out.
Not wasting resources on this one anymore.
But thinking 4 and 5 star… it will suck.

That is a known problem of fast ascension. It is also typical for ascension of 2* 3* heroes. All you need to do is to spend some more feeder heroes to max a costume’s special, I think.

On costumes, an extra normal hero works just like another non identical same colored hero.

So, at 3^50 costume for Tyrum, you feed an extra original Tyrum, which, is technically not the “same,” will have the special increase up at 6% x 5 = 30% (same as if you feed, say a Prisca to him).

Not sure if this was the intention by the developers, but that’s what happened to my Bane costume.


So a tyrum isnt 100% skill level up of a costumed tyrum?

Is that the issue here?

I understand that.
Have been leveling 3* way before they added the x5 bonus upon complete leveling .
That is what I’m referring to.
I should get 30%×5 = 150% = insta leveling of the special.
Just like 10 × 1 * = 20% … 20% × 5 =100%
Wich dosen’t work on costumes…currently.
Probably because it is considered NOT the same character…so no bonus

I think so. A non-duplicate 3* would normally give 6% chance of skill level up, and five times that for a maxed hero. Those numbers match the OP.

With that said, I’m pretty sure that a duplicate hero does not count the same as a duplicate costume.

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I guess I’ll wait for thos multiple dupe costumes I’ll eventually get…oh well.

Or, just get some 2* purples x 5 or 1* purples x 10 (or mixtures of 3* in) and get your guaranteed level up.


I don’t see an issue if they allow non costume dupes to be 100% skill levels for costumes

Wonder why the devs cared so much about it, i don’t see this hurting their bottom line

My point exactly

20 char

It isn’t a bug.

The only “Same Same Boost” in the Special skill comes when you feed a duplicate costume PATTERN. This is normally 50% chance which will boost up to 100% chance when the levels are maxed out.

Reason being is that you are levelling up the COSTUME skill. So feeding a hero to the costume isn’t the same as normal where you are feeding the same HERO to the HERO itself.

Read about all about levelling costumes here (it is referred to in the Special Skill section):

Also check the FAQ’s for Costumes:


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