Leveling characters special skill improvement broken - not increasing when it says it should have

When leveling Character I got special skill improved but the number stays at 1.

Please fix it it’s broken

I can guarantee you that if you want proper support, you need to spend a bit more than 10 seconds on your bug report. You failed to mention your account, a date/time, which Hero you had this happen with, OS platform, no screenshots, etc

But that information should not be posted in the forum. @Raistlin - you should submit a ticket to Customer Support - that is where that information will be necessary.


Just a second of troubleshooting (I remember this bug before):

Does it actually stay at lvl 1? Like, if you exit leveling and then come back to it? (Is it a visual bug or an actual failure to level?)

To contact Game Support, see here:


Hi Rook

I didn’t realize I wasn’t posting in the support area.

I have since submitted a support ticket.

I have exited the game completely, and even against my judgement tried leveling some more.

However no green skill improvement in the two levels I’ve done since to see if it still isn’t changing.

It’s stuck at level 2, should be 3.

Okay, there are several different leveling functions that happen on a hero card:

  • level / ascension
  • Special

When you feed heroes to your card, you are feeding XP to it, and this causes it to level up to a certain limit. For a 3*, the first limit is level 30. Then you must ascend him to keep leveling.

In between all this leveling and ascending, from time to time your Special will skill up from 1/8 to 8/8. This number may take awhile to shift. Skillups happen over time, and some might seem stuck. Sometimes when this happens—especially on a 3*—I have found it best to level up 1 card at a time until that skill up occurs.


I appreciate the tips but this isn’t the first 5 star I’ve leveled it’s just the first one that TOLD me the special skill improved and was highlighted but when I checked the card again it stayed at level 2.

The hero is leveling up in level number just not in special skill level number.

Are you sure it gain a level?

From some times ago the “gingle” you heard is always the same if you level up or not (and not different as it was before) and the card pretty much always “shine”.
You can see it for yourself.

Maybe you just was under the impression it levelled, but it wasn’t?
Sometimes happen to me too.

I don’t know everyone Raistlin, so I try not to assume they already know everything. I wasn’t trying to annoy! :wink:

Definitely, if your screen TELLS you you have skilled up, but you haven’t…you leave leveling and come back and it’s still not skilled up, go straight to Game Support (with screenshots if you have them).

But you know this. Hope you’ve already got a response from them. :slight_smile:

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