Leveling and ascension possible to sell unwanted troops for ascension items

I’ve been playing about two months now and have zero heroes maxed. I’m p2p and have 11 5* heroes, but I can’t get ascension items for them to level plus leveling takes a long time. I’m about to the point of why buy more heroes when I have so many to level. I believe there are other players that feel the same as well. Why not shorten the Leveling process in game add more ascension items possibly make it to where we can sell troops we don’t want for ascension items like 3 star heroes give 4 star ascension items selling a 4 star gives you 5 star ascension items. I would Like to be able to level heroes faster that way I can play with the new one I just pulled. This problem could be stopping some players from spending because they say Why have another 5 star I can’t level, when I have plenty. I have also played a lot of mobile games and have never seen a leveling process this slow. Especially the challenges which give ascension items but you must complete them which I need leveled teams for so maybe in 3-4 months I can be competitive.

As far as I can tell the game is balance so that a f2p player will get epic/legendary heroes and their corresponding mats at about the same rate. Therefore if you pay for heroes, it’s normal not to have enough mats. If you’re willing to pay money then look for ascension material bundles which appear in the store frequently. Otherwise you’ll need to level 4*s so you can take down higher level titans which give rare mats relatively frequently. I don’t think converting troops is a great idea since they’re already in high demand for most players. Instead of putting your money into more troops, try for ascension items in the store.

The ascension items are usually random when they are for sale. The drop rate on hero’s is already very low. Months of leveling isn’t right on any level. Most p2p that have the 5 star teams spent $100s for them spending hundreds more too make them usable smh.

Don’t see this happening as it will cut into SGG’s bottom line.

I don’t think so cause like I said I don’t think I’m going to buy anymore heroes till I level the ones I have up and I’m not spending my money on a chance for the ascension item I need for that hero. So from my point they lost my money till I get my heroes leveled. Most games I’ve played you roll for that new hero you wanted it cause you want to use it, but in this game by the time you level it a better hero comes.