Leveling Alliance War Defense Team Heroes (Mid War)

I noticed if you level up your heroes during the war, their hit points stay the same as from the beginning. In the picture below, the left team is from the beginning of the war and the one on the right has Sartana, Marj, and Zeline bumped up a bit.

Given that the team power and levels are shown higher, but the hit points is the same… Did their other stats stay frozen consistent with the beginning of the war, or did they go up as I leveled them? Antoher way to ask is, what attack and defense values were used in combat the original ones or the upgraded ones (obviously this is one that I can’t check on my own)? Has anyone checked or is there a place on the forum that discusses this?

Note that is shows full points still available if you were to crush my ladies. This leads me to believe that the defense team stats are frozen based on the beginning of the war (the team power and heroes levels got missed, but are inconsequential).

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Never noticed that but It shouldn’t be. I’ll check! And screenshot It in case. Ty for reporting it.

That doesn’t surprise me. There’s a limitation that war defense teams are limited in health and alive status to the same maximum as they started the round at, regardless of healing and Alberich resurrections.
e.g. if a hero was dead at the start of the round but got resurrected by Alberich they will be dead again for the next attack, and if they started at 100 health, and got healed to maximum in the battle with the defenders winning, they would have 100 health again for the next round, even though they had more at the end of the last round.
It appears health gains due to hero level gains are treated the same way as healing during a round - not added to the hero health total in the war.

I don’t think it’s the same thing actually

That is what i thought as well… but it shows full points available at the bottom of both screen shots… Generally when I fight a team that is less than full health, a point or two at the minimum is missing.