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Hi everyone,

Thanks to TC20, I am in the luxurious position of now having some 4* heroes… I also added some 5* heroes (TC20 / Summon) and I’m no longer sure where / which hero I should continue to level or which one I should completely “leave behind”.

Ascension items for 4* heroes are available, for 5* unfortunately something is still missing…

3* 4*
Warm Cloak 13 Telescope 3
Sturdy Shield 14 Tonic 3
Trap Tool 6 Tabard 2
Hidden Blade 5 Mystic Rings 4
Orb of Magic 6 Darts 4
Compass 12 Torn of Tactics 2
Gloves 10 Damascus 1

Suggestions from you, which hero is “most worthwhile” or even your preferred order would be really great.

Hero Roster (Leveling):

Hero Color Star Maxed?
Isarnia Blue 5 1/15
Sonya Blue 4 4/37
Boril Blue 4 3/60
Little John Green 4 3/60
Skittleskull Green 4 3/60
Elkanen Green 5 2/60
Sabina Purple 4 3/57
Rigard Purple 4 1/17
Cyprian Purple 4 3/60
Scarlett Red 4 3/24
Kelile Red 4 3/60
Gormek Red 4 3/60
Delilah Yellow 5 1/36
Leonidas Yellow 5 2/60
Li Xiu Yellow 4 1/8
Hu Tao Yellow 4 3/60
Kiril Blue 4 1/1

Hero Roster (Maxed):

Hero Color Star Maxed?
Caedmon Green 4 4/70
Tiburtus Purple 4 4/70
Rigard Purple 4 4/70
Bolttusk Red 4 4/70
Wu Kong Yellow 4 4/70

Of your maxed heros you have a good base already for Titans.

Boldtusk gives you your 48% Attack
Wu Kong gives you your multiplyer
Tiburus gives you your -defence debuff.

I would finish leveling your Sonya since you are so close. Don’t ascend Boril, his usefulness is limited IMO. While you already have Boldtusk, Kiril is a very strong healer. it will be useful to have him leveled for titan element stacking and Wars.

Gormek is another -defense debuffer who can replace Tiburus on Purple titans, who you may think about leveling at some point to at least 3/60.

I would take either of your yellow 5* to 3/60 before any of your other yellow 4* to 4/70

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Kiril for sure, and i never end saying how much i like Little John.

Yeah i guess, I will lvl up Kiril (The newest one - pulled this morning) on the blue side, after finishing Sonya and get him to 4/70

cuz Isarnia have nice atk stats, but compared:

Isarnia 672 670 550 1009 Tier 3
Sonya 646 607 731 1011 Tier 4
Kiril 650 656 673 1034 Tier 4

This will just change if RNG loves me… telescopes :smiley:

Do not level Leo, Level Delilah before any of the rest of your yellow heroes. Push up Gormek for red as others have stated and spend time on Kiril(Finish Sonya first). Sabina will be nice alternative for Purple as you already have Tibs and Rigard… you could save for a 5* purple. Green you might as well push Elkanen as you have 14 shields but your options here are not perfect.

That’s my problem… there are some possibilities to lvl up… and there are all “ok” (or the most… some are meh)
But there is no “YEAH” option…

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