Leveling Advice requested

Hey all. Basically a F2P player, trying to wisely manage my mats.
Currently have a Rigard 4/31, Li Xiu 4/34, Scarlett 4/42 and Sumitomo at 4/7

I have the following heros all at 3/60 and Im struggling with who to spend my compass on…( I currently have two, but am saving one for my (slowly) leveling up Evelyn)


As well, down a few levels I have a Buddy , Cyprian, Kiril and Caedmon

Any suggestions on who deserves the second compass the most (at this point?) Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Off the top of my head I would say Grimm or Buddy. You could make an argument for several of the others but you need a green or blue and you dont have a defense debuff hero. Grimm has a high attack but buddy has an attack debuff and you get minions. The only reason I lean towards Grimm is you are already working on evelyn.

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Thank you, that’s a well reasoned suggestion. Much appreicated.

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What’s nice about Buddy, for you, is he can be your tank, he lowers defense (a la Grimm), lowers attack (a la Scarlett), and can pair well with Evelyn.

So he covers the role of two heroes, fills tank role, hits harder with Eve, offers very slight heal, and you can focus leveling on Sumi, since Scarlett’s special is now covered.

Caedmon gets honorable mention for his dispel, but Eve offers a dispel, too. Grimm and Kiril also get honorable mention since you need a blue.


Depends on what you need. If you need a raid defense fortress, go for Kashrek, but you won’t use him for much else (also he will be decommissioned once you aim to diamond). All rounder is Buddy, but your raid defense team will be a bit weaker.

The 4* heroes from your current roster, which you will still be using even in one year time when you will have all 5* fully maxed team (for e.g. color stacking or titan teams): Kiril, Boldtusk, Caedmonn, Buddy, Grimm, Rigard. The rest will be forgotten or for wars.

At this point in your game, please don’t spend any time thinking about raid defense. As it happens, either Rigard or LiXiu can serve admirably at tank for a long time, so even more reason not to think about it.

This is spot on. I agree that it’s Grimm vs. Buddy. Grimm gives you a better defense debuff, but is squishy, and with Scarlett already as a squishy character, thats tough. Buddy hits more enemies harder, is more versatile, and is tougher. You lose a little power on the debuff, but I think he works well with the team you’ve got.

Thanks all for your input. Greatly appreciated