Leveling advice Khagan vs. Gormek

Kinda nooby here, only at this about 2 months…

I currently have a Lvl 60 Khagan with one ascension (I haven’t yet figured out the shorthand to describe that, sorry), and a Lvl 60 Gormek with two ascensions (and yes, I realize that I probably did something noobishly wrong to be in this particular situation).

I currently only have three capes, so I can’t ascend either, but once I get my next cape, I’m going to have to choose which of the two to ascend.

Also, Khagan’s skill is at 6/8 and Gormek is at 7/8, in case that is relevant to the choice.

Any advice?

Basically, I figure that this is going to be the last ascension for either one of them for quite some time, so I guess the question is what’s better: a 3/4ths Gormek with a 3/4ths Khagan, or a fully maxed Gormek with a 2/4ths Khagan?

Also of note, they’re my current top two reds, so they’re who I use when I need to double up on red for any reason. I have a bunch of 3-star reds and a levelling-in-progress 4-star Kellie, so Gormek and Khagan are basically my only two strong reds at this point.

Definitely Gormek, Khagan is not worth leveling past 3/60


I vote Gormek and 20 characters.


I assume you mean hidden blades and not capes. I also vote Gormek as well. Very useful hero.


Gormek. He’s my big boy.

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My Khagan is at 2/60 now, so if I went with ascending him, 3/60 is as far as I would likely be to get (while Gormek would stay at 3/60).

Yes, I meant blades. Brain fart on my part. :slight_smile:

You are going to be able to get further with a fully maxed 4* versus two not maxed heros.

I would definitely recommend Gormek. He is a very versatile hero.

The defense debuff is useful in raids, and extremely useful against titans.

He’s got very tanky stats and he isn’t out of place in the middle of a defense team.

Best of luck no matter what you choose. And remember: there’s a “best” answer and then there’s a “most fun” answer.

We all don’t have to live with your decision, only you do. If you think Khagan is more your style, throw our advice to the wind and go with big K.

But if you want maximum value, and the best bang for your buck… the answer has gotta be Gormek :slight_smile:

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Khagan would be good if he could be a better Gormek (by decreasing defense instead of increasing it) but too bad, he is slow and also deals low damage.

Max Gormek and bring him to fight green titans until you’ll get Wilbur.

I finally got my 4th blade from Santa (literally, I got it in the Santa’s Challenge quest :slight_smile: ), so Gormek is now on his way to getting maxed out. Thanks for the tips everyone!


I will say it again. I love my big boy Gormek.

Good choice. Gormek is worth it.

Been having the same issue…

Khagan at 2/60
Gormek at 3/60

Thank you everyone responding in this thread and also to the thread starter. I’m gonna amp up my Gormek to 4/70 instead of Khagan.

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Gormek gets my vote because he is one of the 3 pulverizer bros. And defense down on 3 out of 5 enemies is extremely useful. Along with being average speed vs Khagan’s slow speed. Also, you don’t have to wait on mystic rings, tome of tactics, and Damascus blades to level up Gormek.

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