Leveling a second WIlbur?

Hey, guys.

I know I’ll piss off a lot of people who want Wilbur so bad. I understand them, he is deffinitely A+ 4star in my book. Many people want him, and I got him in 2 Atlantis pulls in a row. :smiley:

My first WIlbur is currently 31/4, soon gonna max him (paused, becuase I gathered 6 rings for Ares and now my efforts are doubled there).

I have probably 2 many red heroes. My 5star is Ares and he is going max without a doubt.
I have fully ascended 1 Wilbur and Boldtusk. Scarlett, Gormek, Lancelot and 2 Kelile are in line… and a 2nd Wilbur.

So would you guys max another Wilbur? The only obvious usage would be war, but who knows… With the talent trees coming later this year…?

I personally would not.

Wilbur has been my first Atlantis heroes, maxed him as soon as I got him.

He’s really huge for big titans & quests/events BUT, for raids/war, I think that he’s a situationnal heroes.

Using his CS when the ennemy still has 5 heroes is kinda useless for example (for me) except if you also play a dispell to stop his spirit link (for ennemies).

I think that one is enough but up to you Sir !

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