Leveling a maxed character


I finally have a maxed hero on my team (albeit 2 star Brogan), my question is whether I decide to train him with a 3 star or higher hero; how much would my new character level up? I’m trying to figure out how much I should level up my new character, before feeding it my max. I don’t want to take a big dive with my team power.


He’ll level up pretty good, but no more than an un-leveled 2 star would do for him. I suggest making sure you have at least 4 extra 2-star heroes to go with your 3-star before you eat him.

Make sure you use the same color. In other words, use Brogan to level up a green 3* because it will give you a better chance to level up his special.

If you have a 3 star in the same color there’s no need in keeping your 2 star unless you don’t have enough 2 stars to fill out your team.


@Ravindau… Thank you. Brogan was my only green hero until today. I just got 3 star Friar Tuck and want to make sure I don’t act too hasty. Tying to get 3 star heros doesn’t easily happen… Let alone 4 star (since my TC is 10).


I suggest you lvl up you new card(s) a little first before getting rid of them (and think new players should keep one of every 3, 4, and 5 Star they get).

As you can see, I have a number of 3* cards that are actually higher in power than my new 4* Boril and Kiril cards:


I would collect 9 more greens and then use them plus brogan to level up Friar Tuck. A healer is very important for middle game. You won’t regret it. Just keep using greens to level him up and eventually you’ll hit level 8 special.


@Rook…I must admit, I’m am in aww of your team. Thank you for the visual aid, since I don’t have them committed to memory.
Thank you for the advice.


@Ravindau… Gotcha! Thank you once again:star_struck:



Seeing your team makes me regret eating Boril and Kiril. Sometimes I wish I had an alternate blue 4 star. I am older and wiser now.


I don’t have a single 5*, so I get to envy all the other players in my alliance! :grin:

@Ravindau: I’m leveling Grimm right now. Then torn between which blue to lvl next, Kiril or Boril? (I already have Cyprian for a purple Perfect Riposte…make it two?)


I see Kiril and Boril all the time in raids.

I hate Kiril the most.

Imagine your perfect riposte with the extra offense and defense Kiril delivers.