Leveling 3, 4 and 5 star heroes (Analysis, Advice)

TC13 = 3* with a chance of 4*

TC20 = 3* with a chance of 4* and 5*

Elemtal/Epic Summons = 3* with the chance of 4* and 5*. No level requirement, just fork up the gems and pray you’re lucky.


My Wu Kong’s continue to be lucky. My second Wu Kong is 7/8 2.45 which guarantees he is 8/8 3.1 ( highest ascension with farmable ascension materials ) while Gryphonkit ( my wife ) is having trouble leveling her Wu Kong’s special skill.

Like Kiril, Wu Kong 3/8 or 4/8 is almost as useful as 8/8 because of their special skill design and how those skills actually work versus rare quests, farming, titans, raiding and war.

@Gryphonknight Thanks very much for the work on this(and a few other posts of yours I’ve been reading). I’d been hearing people argue for specific leveling up strategies, but this really puts everything relevant in perspective.

I’ve considered your argument of 4* and 5* being just as important considering their ascension limitations despite their larger amount of XP. I agree, but I was wondering if you crunched any numbers regarding special skill value probabilities. For example, using only 1s of the same colour what’s the probability that a 4 reaches 3/60 with special skill of 8/8. I guess that thought just puts the practicality of the argument into perspective.

[It’s not clear by my comment, but a lot of time passed at this point.]

Decided to learn math again and found a binomial distribution calculator. Here’s an example with results:

If I just pulled a 4* hero that I want to level up and put on my team, but I only have the ascension mats to get them to 3/60 this is the probabilities a certain special skill level was reached. 4* 3/60 takes 83871 XP. Special skills start at 1 and you would acquire 2 during the ascensions to 3/60. Assuming groups of 10 for highest probability.

538 1* random colour:

P(8) = 79%, P(>=7)= 90%, P(>=6) = 96%, P(>=5) = 99%

466 1* same colour:

P(8) = 97%, P(>=7) = 99%, P(>=6) = 99.77%, P(>=5) = 99.96%

207 2* random colour:

P(8) = 59%, P(>=7) = 78%, P(>=6) = 91%, P(>=5) = 98%

180 2* same colour:

P(8) = 91%, P(>=7) = 97%, P(>=6) = 99%, P(>=5) = 99.86%

299 (E)LC Training output 50% 1*/2* random colour:

P(8) = 65%, P(>=7) = 81%, P(>=6) = 93%, P(>=5) = 98%

255 (E)LC Training output 50% 1*/2* same colour:

P(8) = 93%, P(>=7) = 97%, P(>=6) = 99%, P(>=5) = 99.88%

Conclusion: Your theory hold weight even for 4*/5*s assuming ascension limitations. ELC output is decent. Colour matching is better.


I juste got a wu Kong is it a good or a bad hero do I start levling him or rely on my bane and keep levelling him better

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Keep both but level Wu Kong first

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Was bedeutet das P ?

P (8) = 65%, P (> = 7) = 81%, P (> = 6) = 93%, P (> = 5) = 98%

P = Probability

P(8) = Probability that Special Skill is at 8.
P(>=7) = Probability that Special Skill is at 7 or higher.

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Ooo. SCIENCE !! :grinning::grinning::grinning:

Yes, yes. its really. Ooo. MATH !!

I suspect whoever designed the skill level roll, and ascension requirement for each tier, used this particular data set. The P(>=5) = 98% is the most interesting data point.


That really makes 4* 3.60 the Most Valuable Heroes ( MVH ) of alliance war.

Now if we only had a 4* Heroes of the Month.


Argh. Why is my extra fast training ( recruit training level 19, 2 recruits per 1* hero ) taking so long.

Must also start farming rugged clothes in province 7.

As 3* heroes’ ascension materials are easier to acquire, but if the special abilities 8/8 is the main focus, would you say it would be best to still use 1* and 2* heroes of the same color at any stage of development?

3* heroes have 2 guaranteed special up opportunities (e.g. ascension time), so an ideal situation will be for them to get to 6/8 before their first ascension. But we have seen plenty of maxed 3^50 3* heroes but stuck at 4/8 to 6/8 skill and in some more extreme cases 3/8.
Let’s say for a maxed 50, just to complete his/her skillset (stuck at 5/8), would you recommend:

  1. feed a 1* or 2* of the same color one at a time (as each time is a separate occurrence)
  2. feed a mixture of 10x 1* or 2* of the same color at once
  3. go for the guarantee 100% and try to feed 4x of the same hero?

I feed duplicates as I get them, one at a time


I am a newbee so I understand much less about this game than so when I ask why I mean I don’t understand this is not to down play any you said here I am just asking you why! I read that you said there is more than one way of leveling and that this is what you did which is one good point no two people play this game the same way!
Why do say leveling up 4* heroe to use 1 or 2 * heroes? I read that there some very weak level 3* that lots of people don’t like them (like Needler)! Thank you for all the work you put into this post and thank you for your input as I will listen ton what you have to say! Peace to you & yours! Sorry I know about using the same color I mean using 2* heroes (only) is my why question!

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Danke schön für die schnelle Antwort :smile:

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The reason many players use lower * heroes first to feed away is to maximize the chances of getting the special ability to 8/8 before the hero reaches max level. Each hero needs a known, set amount of experience to reach maximum level. 1* heroes give less than 2*, which give less than 3*, so you have to feed a lot more 1* heroes to level up. This gives you a lot more rolls to increase the special, although at a lower chance per roll.
As far as increasing the special, each 1* hero of a different color gives a 1% chance. 2* give 2%, and 3* give 3%. If you feed same color heroes, 1* gives 2%, 2* gives 4%, and 3* gives 6%. If you feed an identical hero (feed Bane to Bane), that gives you 25%. The chances are cumulative, so if you feed 10 1* red heroes together to a red 3*, that gives you a 20% chance of improving your special.
Because 5* heroes take so much fodder to reach max level, the chances of getting there without an 8/8 special are very slim. With 4*, and especially 3*, since you have fewer opportunities to feed them, you have to maximize your chances of improving your special each time.
What I usually do for 3* is feed batches of 10 1*, same color, until they hit 8/8 special or level 3/50. If they max the special first, I will feed them anything and everything to max the level. If they max the level first, I will only feed them single duplicates of themselves to get the 25% roll.


Wow that is a lot of information to understand coz again I not getting your point what do mean by 8/8 and how or where do I see that number! Again thank you so much 4 what u have told me peace out!

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I thought that’s what you meant in the previous response. The RNG was really working against me when I had a maxed Brienne, sitting at 5/8 and had 3 duplicate copies of Brienne in my roster and was wondering if I should go ahead and wait for a 4th one for a guaranteed 100%. But finally gave in and ended up trying all 3 individually, hoping at least one or two special upgrades. But instead, each of those times hitting the 75% miss mark. Now I am still stuck with the same 5/8 Brienne and deciding whether I should feed her the occasional 1* green or wait until the next duplicates come around. I have a similar situation with a 7/8 Gunnar, but have 2 duplicates of him (unleveled) sitting on the bench.

As much as 3* heroes get more commonplace when you advance in the game, they are still more rare and takes longer to acquire (especially for F2P like me).


This is a partly leveled Bane from my alt. His special is currently at 4/8, as you can see in the circle


Thank you I got it so that means he has 4 out 8 of his special powers? Some heroes never get all their special powers it just luck you get all 8/8 and why you use the same color! What do you do with heroes that don’t get 8/8? Again thank so much your making my learning curve smal! Peace!l

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A fully ascended hero is stronger than the one that is not. The maximum level for special abilities is 8. Take Bane for example, you can see there are stat differences between a 4/8 level 50 Bane vs a 8/8 level 50 Bane. Not in the HP, Attack, Defense area, but in how much more effective his special ability is. Compare the card you currently have vs. a Bane you see on the Summon screen (shows you fully maxed status), and you can see the difference.

Heroes don’t get to 8/8 by the time they are fully leveled can still be trained for chances to increase his/her special ability levels.

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Colmud, if you use feeder heroes of the same color, (feed yellow to yellow), you have a better chance of improving your special each time


ok cool thank u peace

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