Leveled Common Heroes (1*) - Any ideas?

So, relatively new to the game, back in the day, I leveled up and maxed out one of each common hero, including level 20 in tokens. I figured ALL heroes had their place. I have never, ever seen a 1* tournament, event, or anything.

  1. Not counting using the red reset to get my tokens back, is there anything worth doing with these guys? Can you “unspool the leveling” to get the resources back? I’m 99.99999% that’s a no.

  2. Is there anything to do with them other than feed them to better heroes (after reclaiming the tokens)?

  3. Are there any plans ever to have a 1* hero event/tourney in the future? I mean, I’d friggin’ hate to get rid of them and then the next day…

I would use gems as it’s probably not worth wasting a reset token on these.
I would feed them away. I haven’t found any use (assuming you have war teams) for 1 or 2 star heroes.
No plans for 1 star tournaments. See the threads below.


That sucks. I liked the 2* tournaments. So no more need for leveled-up 2* heroes either?


I would get rid of all of them (that’s what I do). But I have plenty of threes and up.

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I have dozens of 5* and 4* and 3*. That’s not really my gripe. I have these 1* and 2* maxed heroes that now have no purpose.

Everything below 3* is food.


About 60 people out of over two million (at that time) daily active players were vociferously against 1-2* tournaments in the forum thread and vote.

Based on that, they were cancelled by the developers as can be seen in the thread linked above. It’s a shame, because some of us liked them (we had one 2* tournament, they were cancelled before the 1* was scheduled) and I had a bit of fun maxing a 1* team in a few hours as a little challenge. Ironically a lot of the moaners have quit now anyway.

As others have said, you may as well reset them with gems, take the hit, and feed them away. They’re easy enough to level again if circumstance or fancy takes you!

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When I first started playing the game, I didn’t know how it all worked. I got my free Bane like everyone else, but then I got a Sha Ji. Sha Ji is a healer. As a classic RPG player, immediately I said “yes, my team must have a healer”.

Bane was stronger than Sha Ji, but he was not a healer. I already have hitters. So I fed Bane to Sha Ji. Because I figured, I can always level up Sha Ji to be stronger than Bane.

That’s what I thought at the time. I thought star levels only referred to rarity. I didn’t realize each hero was limited in how far they could go.

My dreams of having level 100 Laylas and Sha Jis were dashed! And I was forced to accept the reality that nothing under 3* heroes are worth keeping in the long run.

Unfortunate, yes. But that is the reality.


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