Leveled 2/3* heroes

Good morning, is there a reason for keeping 2/3* heroes (that were leveled up), and have now been replaced by different or higher powered?

Sentiment and cure for boredom. Your 4 and 5* heroes will be stuck waiting on ascension items for weeks and months, so I prefer to keep the older heroes around to finish leveling them for fun in the mean time.

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No i feed all my 2 and 3 to my 4s but for titan fighting i suggest you have 2 of each colour heros to swap out like if the titan is yellow then use 2 purples and drop your yellow hero because the purple hero will do double damage to a yellow titan while a yellow hero will only do 1/2 the damage that why you should keep 2 hero of each colours


Thank you…so for titans, it would be better to have a level 3 and a level 4 of the strong color, instead of a level 4 of the weak colour? I would not have thought of that…

Lol if you do not have an alliance come join heros academy we train new players but if you join you will have to down load line chat i have tones of information in there a lot of information was given to me by many different people and alliance leader of other alliances as well my alliance is a off shot of yelp 3000 so just let me know if you want to join

Thanks, I am in an alliance, but if I decide to change I will keep heroes academy in mind. Thanks again…

There might be situations when you want to use a lower star hero, because they have better abilities. For example I use 5x5* on raids, but swap in 2 4* for titans.

Also rarer heroes will not be always be better out of the box. They need some leveling. But 2* heroes are probably a waste if you got 3-5* heroes.

Personally I save all 5* heroes and save one copy of every 4* I get. Everything else is fed to others.


I admit, I still like to use Brienne for titans. And for a long time I was using 3*s with good special abilities to double up on my titans. Example is Valen, who lowers defence. Another use for your Spirit Link heroes is to take them along on the rare quests. Until recently I didn’t have enough hit points to withstand one shot bosses. So I’d keep Gunnar mana’d up and active to help get me through. Then I switched to letting him die if he wanted and then resurrecting him for the final battle and keeping him charged up then.


Thanks everyone…that’s a lot of info! I actually put Valen in as Second blue, and took out my red (for titan), good thing I asked before I fed him to Grimm.
Thanks again…