Level yellow

Which yellow should I level?
Or should I feed other colours with yellow heroes?

I’m F2P, have one maxed Neith and all S1 4* yellow levelled aside from Hu Tao (don’t have him and don’t need him).
I’ve got 8 darts left
I’ve got Bai Yeong and Leonidas at 3/70 and Danzaburo and Agnes at 1/1.

I like BY, but he doesn’t fit with Neith and am saving his emblems for Lianna. Leo is nice in special quests and sometimes against titans, but he doesn’t impress me at the moment. Danza might be fun, and Agnes… not a fan.

So; level one of them or feed yellow to other projects (Isa, Zeline, Marjana and Cyprian)?

I think it depends. Are you going for Leo costume? Then ascend Leo as his costume looks good. But as F2P it may be a long shot. Agnes is useful and I have had some war battles or tournaments where danza has been tricky, but neither has changed my effort. Me I would probably focus on leveling zeline rather than just levelling for the sake of it. That’s a lot of resources for heroes you don’t really like.

Just based on the yellows, I’d go Bai Yeong. But if you take in to account the others, I’d work on Zeline.

I’d start with Agnes, she’s a great 3 and that will buy you time. Hopefully you’ll get a better Yellow, but Bai Yeong will work if none come along.

In my honest opinion, wait a few weeks to see if you pull the costume for Leonidas. If you do then it’s 100% him
If you are not pulling costumes then Bai Yeong…
I have six darts too and can ascend:
2nd Onatel
2nd Costume Joon
2nd Malosi
Bai Yeong
But just waiting to see what falls out of the costume chamber
Good luck

If you are F2P go for bai yeong.
It will take ages before you pull any other good hero that it’s not season 1.
And Bai Yeong is very good… I am also F2P and I use Bai Yeong a lot. Another good yellow 5* you may get is Joon.
The others will be a miracle. Waiting for leonidas costume is non sense, you will have a 1.3% of getting a costume, and that 1.3% would be divided by 20 or so for getting leonidas costume… And you will pull 3 or 4 times… Do the maths…

Why? Both are Hotm and give element link to each other.

I have a maxed Leo+10. He is not outstanding but solid for wars. If you are lucky and pull his costume he is definitely worth it.

Why not level Agnes? She is just a 3*…you can level any 3* for tourneys. If she dies she gives mana to others…she is fast and has very high damage for 3* and can bypass Gunnars shared damage.

My recommendation

Level Agnes until costume chamber. Go Leo if you get his costume. If not go Bai after finishing Agnes.


Neith and Bai Yeong both have accuracy down, Bai Yeong much more. If you use Neith a turn after Bai Yeong, she will override his huge acurracy down to her less one.

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