Level up;;;;; yellow 5*

Level up c vivika or professor… or wait the next hotm devana. Others yellow players is uareus+20 byyeong+20 . I have only 6 poison darts. Mine defence is alberich +20 alice +20 afrike+20 uareus+20 tyr+ 20. Help me guys

Personally, I’d go C. Vivica for the cleanse, dispel and defense down

Hard choice tho, as both are amazing at what they do; Prof. Lindenbrock is amazing, as she can easily heal continuously [offensively]. But it’s C. Vivica’s defense down + dispel that wins it [for me]

(As next months HOTM only dispels 3)

Either way, no wrong answer on this one :relaxed:


@RandaPanduh arguments are solid, especially the def down to all is huge (it is -44%, where the white rabbit only does -34% (to one).For me, it is the professor because she starts already with mana which makes her easy to fire with 9 tiles (think it is lvl11 mana troop only needed, but this needs to be reconfirmed) and the heal is never wasted as it overheals. I like the prof more for raids/wars/pvp where you need high stats, for titan, costume vivica works at 3.70 as well.
Both are great, both are useful.

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