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So you warn players when they are about to attack but their heros are full if they want to continue. You supposedly have 2 click confirmation for purchases and use of items and tokens. But for some reason you refuse to give us a warning that we are about to level up if we do a fight to earn more experience then needed to reach the next level. How hard is it to do that this way we don’t level up between titans and lose out on an extra 3 hits. That stupid line under our avatar doesn’t even have a percentage or a total or change colors when you get close. You really need to do something about that it’s not that hard or too much to ask is it?

If you click your avatar it gives you both % and exact experience needed to level…


Basic self awareness, sure we’ve all blown it by accident but only once hopefully.


“Refuse?” Is this something that has been repeatedly requested?


I’ve been in 3 different alliances and people are always complaining about the lack of notification. How many people click on their avatar when they log on. Probably very few. You log on you start your titan hits, your raids, your farming. No one is sitting there saying oh better check how close I am to leveling. I just feel like it was done intentionally to have such a small skinny line and nothing else unless you actively go looking for it. Just help us out with a warning some people have a lot on their minds and could use a little mental slap in the head to make sure they don’t make a stupid mistake.

Level up warning?..OK, your storage is about to be full warning…? Your recruit house is about to be full warning…? Right? I just hope I’m not trolling.

But I have read players complaining about too many pop ups. Sometimes, I don’t envy SG in this dilemma of requests.


Well, I know a couple of players in my alliance who usually advised when they are about to level up, particularly when we are in need of extra flags against Titans, and I do the same too. As said by @Wad, it’s basic self awareness.


None of those other items affect game play so give me a break. If the titan goes down fast and you have 3 flags and your waiting for the next titan to respawn you get bored and start farming it’s just an automatic reaction. I hardly ever even look at the avatar I’m clicking on iron and food and claiming heros and leveling. Yeah sure you should pay more attention but how great would it be if you didn’t blow 3 titan hits because you got caught up in farming to notice your little bitty bar creeping to the end.

Just trying to suggest a small little improvement that I have heard a bunch of people get frustrated about.

Might be a good idea, but you should really be planning ahead well before the "if you farm this you will level’ warning. Too little too late really.

I start farming season 1 3-2 when I want to continue farming between titans and I’m closing in on the next level. It gives a measly 177 xp but 14 monsters and 8 recruits.

All I can add is start looking at the avatar, and plan your farming accordingly.

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Moderator’s Note:

Please don’t argue with the idea just for the sake of arguing. If you feel there is some specific reason it shouldn’t be implemented, that is definitely worth discussing.

But whether or not the OP could theoretically pay better attention isn’t at all relevant to their request for this improvenent. Many of us ask for things that we would find useful even though they are not strictly speaking necessary. Asking for stuff that makes the game more fun for you is an ok thing to do.


Well I do not know if it is optimal or say better to put an idea straight for vote vs discussing and fine tuning the idea first.

The forum surely have numbers of players with divers styles and divers ideas, so what you may find as possibly an hindrance or significant may be found insignificant by others. So when an idea is thrown open you will surely find a lot of counter responses as well as supporting.

However, looking at the avatar, the player 's experience bar fills up progressively from left to right, agreed while all chests below indicate math figures that show when they are about to be full, the bar doesn’t, may possibly be due to esthetic reason or intent to make player visit the profile page for at least to view the actual detail info.

Again, talking about improvement, if you look at the experience bar as it fills to right, when it gets towards the end, there is no way you could visually tell if it’s about to be full as the tail end of it is covered by the level number, forcing you again to click for details.

My suggested idea would be move that level number indicator completely off the bar, either a little bit above on the right or left., this would allow clear visibility of when the bar is just about to be full. If this is exact reason for vote, I will gladly cast my vote.

For any other reason ẹ.g alerts , I will keep my vote; imo, if chests, MV etc get our immediate attention, then other parts of the game should get similar without the need for alerts.

The level number is blocking the tail end of the experience bar; personally, not affecting my game play, but it could affect others.

( I don’t usually enjoy long write up,…my apologies :slightly_frowning_face:)

lmfao. Just click on this “stupid line under our avatar” to check your %, what the hell ?

Did you want a "2 click confirmation ? Now you got it. Click on your avatar then attack. It’s 2 click.

I also like the idea, especially as the percetage does not help as you cannot see how much experiance a level gives. But I also agree that this is not automatically a must in any game. Here it would be helpful as nearly everyone forgot that you are about to level up and did not hit the titan before. But no reason to blame SG for…

Would be enough, if the XP of the following action (cumulatively if loot tickets were used) was displayed beside the fight/next/go button.

To know how much XP will be needed for the next level is obligatory for a good player.



Most players in my alliance are not happy with it, but is is classic freemium marketing/ business model ( see notes) just like most shop offers ( excluding avatars ) are not a good return on investment for gems.

But one solution, eliminating energy bars, is not practical for freemium games ( see notes ).

I agree.


It is how freemium games make money.

When I get to 98% or 99% of level, I set my avatar to Cyprian. If I see Cyprian as my avatar, I know to be careful of WE ( see notes ) until a new titan is up.

VIP Pass refills

One way to monetize it, VIP Pass gives +50% refills. VIP Pass refills can exceed maximum energy bar.

A level up gives +5 titan energy so 5/3 titan energy.

A raid flask gives +9 energy so 9/6 raid energy.

So I would still lose energy if my energy bars were not empty, but a level up refill would still be time to get excited instead of a time of dread.

This would also help with the problem of titan energy bar storage being 18 hours originally but nerfed to 12 hours.

VIP Pass energy bar

Or you could have VIP PASS add +2 to all energy bars.

Raid energy bar would become 8, allowing you to fill a Wanted Mission Hero Chest.

Titan energy bar would become 5, allowing 20 hours of refill time.


Click for notes

Leveling refill

Loot tickets

Titan energy bar

Energy bars and loot tickets
( [Primer] Why do F2P MMOs have energy meters and paid energy refills or Servers are not free ( + loot tickets ))



I think there’s a pretty easy fix here. Replace the XP bar below the profile pic with the XP needed in numbers.

Being slightly seasoned , I’ve made myself SELF aware of the XP needed when close to leveling.

It’s how I’ve adapted to the progress bar being hidden under the level #

Personally I wouldn’t want an alert telling me I’m about to level , I see too much when I have maxed food/iron ( but I welcome those ).

Maybe a slight adjustment w the profile bar (moving the LV number to the left of avatar , or as @Leonidas1 stated numbers for xp ) as any idea or tweak.

In the beginning ,just like you OP @Firehawk not knowing the AMT of required XP and leveling up happened to me but I adapted . Until then just have your mates check their required XP when they are close to leveling , it doesn’t hurt and it helps :yum:

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Now I am just bitter.

Spent 60 minutes setting up my account to level, and use all my energy, and now my ride is here in 10 minutes. So I will not get to level for 8 hours or I will lose all the refilled energy.

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Would be cool, if a lvl up would fill iron and food as well as the energies and would give a golden summon.

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Moderator’s Note

Please refrain from personal attacks. Focus on ideas not individuals.

I have already asked people once not to argue this idea just for the sake of argument. But let me be more explicit: do not debate the OP about the sufficiency of the experience bar.

Unless you have a reason why this idea should or should not be implemented, please don’t engage.


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