Level up troops


We should be able to level up our troops just like the main characters


I feel the same…it is very expensive in resources to level up troops let alone c as mp


You can. Once you’re level 10 convert a forge or other level 5 building to barrac ks


Hi dtn, some more details on exact specifics of your issue / concern / idea would help us clarify or answer better. Else we would have no option but to direct you to go through the game basics like maybe in Coppersky Compendium or like in the link below. Hope that helps :grinning:


Yeah but we should be able to upgrade or train the troops just like the main characters. Shouldn’t matter the color of troops


Currently leveling up troops is what we can already do in barracks albeit the restriction of same color. So I don’t get the “should be able to upgrade” part.
I hope you are not talking about upgrading a 2* troop to a 3* troop or so because that you cannot do with the main hero characters either. Anyways Please clarify more if you can.

Maybe the color restriction is currently there to maintain some sort of game balance and will be taken off soon. I would like to have it gone too, just saying. You have to note that Barracks itself is a recent addition to the game so I am hoping we will be seeing more enhancements with Barracks further down the road. :grinning:


Yes the color restrictions is what I am talking about. If we can level up the main characters with any we train or find despite the color then the same should apply to the troops.