Level up Tokens!


Ive just hit level 47 and have never reseived a Gold token, all Daily tokens! Has anyone got an Epic or Troop token from leveling up? And when? Level 50 and up or is it just my bad luck :cry:

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I think leveling always gives a silver token. At least I can’t remember getting anything else.


Its starting to take a bit longer to level up and all that effort for a silver token and then the elemental chests i get 3 of them, its so disheartening

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That’s correct. No epic tokens from leveling up. Not a bug.


Thats a bumber.
Maybe need to look at getting that changed, like from level 50 or whatever you get a Troop token then 70 or so an Epic


There’s a separate category “Ideas & Feature Requests” for new ideas. You’re welcome to post your idea there.


I do believe I saw that suggestion several times already. I agree - past certain level the silver token as a reward is a slap in the face. Wouldn’t hurt the economy much if they started giving eg extra troop token starting level 30 and extra epic hero token starting level 45 or anything like that.


Done, couldnt find anything on it so set new topic in there

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Usually when playing games, leveling up is supposed to be rewarding. But not here, a
PLAİN TOKEN so you can pull a 1* or 2* hero for all that work put in.

İt really is a slap in the face.
At the very least a gold token with some gems to say well done would be respectful.


Unlike last year, I guess the elemental monster chest now alternate between 3 silver token and gold token with either eht or ett. At least, I had been that way for me.


The extra world energy/hero capacity is enough reward for me.

Better than nothing!


I think we should get a gold token on each of the 10’s

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I think the plain token should come with its own hero slot. I mean, seriously, my new Aife needs a proper home.

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