Level up screen?


I just leveled up to level 73 and I didn’t get the normal screen pop up saying I had leveled up or the gems and flag/ hero cap boost or whatever it should be when hitting that level. That in game chat says I did and all my flags refilled but that’s it

Found a pic of the rewards for Level 73.
You’re saying, your rewards differed? :woman_shrugging:

I experienced same thing on leveling, no pop up but received rewards for leveling with no notification

Happened to me too going from 77 to 78. I believe my WE cap went up 1 but the typical pop up screen was not there. Looking at my activity log there is a “Battle reward” of 10 gems, 1 summon token, 1 dragon bone, and 2 piles of dust. Have to assume that was it.

This is actually pretty ‘normal’ behavior if you are farming a level, tap-skip the reward animation and hit Replay or hit Replay before the reward animation was finished. You won’t see the screen, but you always get the rewards and refills.

Same here. No screen. Did not hit replay, just clicked collect and it reverted to the map screen. Dont know if I got anything, other than energy refill. Got a summon token but that was in the completed stage reward.

So nothing for leveling up now?

10 gems and a summon token in my rewards for completing a stage (well, 3 using auto win) but no level screen. Looks like its a bug from the latest update/s, absorbed into the stage completion screen.

I got absolutely NOTHING from level 71, just now.

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