Level up or farmer

What is the advantage of the level here? In other games, upload bonus, but in this one that more gives 20 than 25? Is there something I do not know?

Can you clarify your question? Are you asking why it is important to level up your farms?

no, level up or worry about just uploading heroes

Sorry - still not clear. I’m not sure what you mean by uploading heroes.

But you most definitely need to level up your heroes. They get stronger on both defense and offense when you do.

If you are talking about your level as a player, that has limited benefit. But you do open up additional features as you level higher:

The ability to join an alliance
The ability to fight in alliance wars
Plus refills on energy, increase in number of heroes you can store.

Hope this helps.

I’d advise upgrading your stronghold/food/mines before spending it all on heroes. Or maybe find a middle ground.
The more you upgrade the higher the crops, thus more resources to train and level up heroes.

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