Level up my first blue 5* or more 4*?

I have C-Kiril limit broken and emblemed and have Azmia, Grimm and Triton at 3-60. No more gloves so they’re where they are for now. I also have five blue 3s fully ascended and a couple ascended 4s and several 3-70 4s and at least five ascended 3 in every other color

Wondering if I should work on another 4* and wait for gloves or start on the long slog of my first 5* blue in hopes I’ll get a gloves and a final telescope by the time I get there?

Unleveled 4s - another Azmia, Jott, Capt of Diamonds, Agwe, C-Boril
Unleveled 5
- Cathal, Klaern, Richard, Magni

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I have 18 5* with the only blue one being Isarnia… I have been waiting for any other blue 5* to start my 1st blue slow project:D So I am gonna go for leveling Cathal- he is super good in my opinion! I know a lot of players suggest leveling way more 4* to build a nice depth before starting with 5* but, I kinda lean towards leveling 5* in between… it keeps me more engaged and invested in the game :smile: Gloves will come your way as long as you keep up with the events and challenges.
I usually work on a couple of 4s and 1 5 at the same time… it takes a long time to do so but you know its a game… there is no rush… because there is no end goal? We just keep summoning and leveling :melting_face:

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Yes absolutely, at least the ones you KNOW you’ll max. I guess since you are newer you need them all, but Richard is meh without the costume. Plus while your collecting mats, 5 stars at 3/70 are helpful in completing towers and events.

I wouldn’t level klearn. I’d hold off on magni or Richard… Season 1 5* are bench warmers and not really tough the 4* ascension materials… Or… Just being them to 3.70 if you get their costumes (plural)


I fully agree with @2puttshaqur’s statement

I think Azmia and Grimm are great 4* heroes and you will use them for a long time.

Jott is great against titans and C-Boril is a great tank and will help you in the tournaments.

A fully ascended and emblemed 4* hero is much stronger than a 5* at 3:70

Having said that, you will eventually max Cathal and if you want to take one 5* to 3:70 - that should be Cathal (we all love our 5* heroes)

Bring up Jott. He is huge when it comes to titans. If you have Nordri, they will help you when you face red titans.


In my honest opinion for now I would focus on Jott he is good for Titan score.
Additionally I wouldn’t necessarily raise S1 classic 5* until you obtain one of their costumes ie Magni
Whichever hero you choose good luck

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Do Cathal. 20 characters

Do you have any counter-attackers? If not Boril is probably the most helpful.
Jott is good for titans and Rush.

I find both those more useful than your 5star options.

If you really want to start on a 5er: I guess Cathal would be the best, maybe Magni. But honestly I don´t think in todays game it makes much sense to level up any S1 5 star hero. At least I don´t until I have no more 4 stars to upgrade and mats to throw out the window. Also Klaern is really not good enough. But keep those 3 guys for soul exchange, When you have 10 or 15 or 20 useless 5 star heroes you can trade them for a really awesome one :). I am up to 15 S1 and useless hotm now, so I´ll see if I can find a great purple tank next time or if I have to wait for another 5 bums…

Just do Cathal, others are for SE. I see you probably do spend some money on the game so you will get better heroes on the long run

As others have said there is an argument for Jott. You are short gloves. Titans are a great source of ascension loot. I am not sure what level titans you fight, but better your scores and you’ll better your loot. The gloves will come. You kill 5-7 titans a week or so. That’s that many chances per week for the mats. :+1:

If you want to bring a 5* to 3:70 while you wait, so be it. I would definitely max and emblem some of those unfinished 4’s before maxing my first 5.


can’t argue with this logic right here :slight_smile:

you’ll get plenty of more gloves especially with higher level titans

I’d say hold on 5* for now. none of them is a must max

as for 4* definitely go for jott, he is great for titans and events as everyone above suggested.

boril isn’t necessary since you already have azmia maxed and she is much better than him in everything.

after jott I’d say hold or consider maxing another kiril.
kiril and his costume provide 2 different and great utility, he is the only 4* i maxed 2 of along with rigard.

Actually if you´re short on gloves, how is your 3 star roster doing? You might want to upgrade something there as it costs no gloves at all, but could help gaining some :slight_smile:

After almost two years of playing I still use my four stars every day. Granted it depends on your summoning luck and frequency and if you have better or not but still. Another vote for showing love to the four stars from me :rose:

We all love our 4*. Many 4* are much more interesting and cool than most 5*. But, for many aspects of the game, we need strong and solid 5*.
So, to max a 5* after you maxed 10 or so 3* and 4* is a way to go