Level up heros, what is worth?

Hi everyone at the moment I got 3 camps at level 20. I got some heros like Elena, Cyprian, Khagan…
The problem is the amout of time and materials necessary to level a hero, the question became which heros is worth to level up, is better save your ascension materials for something you don’t know when ll come.
Do you guys try to level every hero you get, do you feed the bad to the good ones,… ?
They take space and if not gona level them up why keep, right?
I’m bit lost on this matter. For example I find no need to level up Skittlesskull or Hu Tao over level 3 I just use them to farm. On the other hand I have Khiona and Joon for almost one year and I can’t fully level them up for the lack of ascension materials.
Any tips?

Good heroes that need to be upped:

  • Boril for tank
  • Gormeck for def -

For your 5*

  • Khiona
  • Joon

Theyre both really worth, up them ASAP.

Other heroes you might want to up:

  • elena.

I like Joon and Khiona, not sure about boril.
I’m around 2000 cups, at this level most of ppl have some dispel/debuff hero.
Gormek he is similar to Grimm. One hit harder the other last longer.

Tks Jgmc2 for the advice :slight_smile:

Short answer. Don’t get rid of a hero you’ve already leveled partway. You won’t get enough experience out of them to be worth it. Take them to 5* 2/60 or 4* 3/60 and stop. You can still use them for war and for color stacking.

Longer answer. Before you put nonfarmable mats into a hero, think about not only how good they are in a vacuum, but also how well they fit into your current and future teams. Think about what you want to use them for (defense team, wars, titans, raid offense, map levels, quests). Do they need to be maxed to be truly effective, or are they useful at a lower ascension? Do they bring something unique to the table, or do they duplicate what other heroes do?

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You don’t have bad heroes, so go for all. Never mind to max em up. If you’ll come to this point, you can decide. And believe me, if you’ll spread your feeders amongst your roster, you wouldn’t often have the chance to ascent one. Therefore ascent whenever you have the possibility to. Next mats will come. There’s no need to wait, everything lasts long in this game and nearly every hero is worth an ascension.

Great advice.
That is what I was thinking about Gormek and Grimm. One last longer the other hit harder.
So at the moment I don’t feel like fully level Gormek coz Grimm is fully level and I already have 2 reds for stack if needed.
I ll take your advise and keep the ones I already put some work.
Appreciate your replay.

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That’s true. Everything in this game take a life.
One year late and my Khiona and Joon still missing material to fully level.
And that’s why I was bit worried to keep trying level up heros that’s not much useful for example Skittleskull.
He is not good to titan, he is not good to raids the only thing he is good is to farm and for farm he don’t need to be fully level. Of course That’s what I think and clear I don’t know much that’s why I’m here asking for advices.
Many tks Olmor.

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Even Skittle can punish hard and in raids he often terminated my whole team at once, if it was already more than half down. Next turn all gone…

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Boril is really good hero, with his high hp and def he can survive massive damage. He can easly kill many 5* heries by his riposte and survive.


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