Level up hero but hit, shield & heart don't change- NOT Special Skill


When I level up my heroes it shows at each level a + whatever number each item is supposed to increase but nothing changed. For example, I leveled up Balthazar and his heart was at 402; as I added heroes for him to reach level 10, it showed beside his heart +16 meaning after I hit the level up bar he would be at 418 but he was not. He stayed at 402. It happened with all the heroes I leveled up today but I just caught on to it!!


Sanity check:

The number in green when you level up a hero is the result, not the starting point.

EX: Sigrumm alone at level 1 is 147 / 167 / 306 and the number is in white.

If I add a level 1 Aife the numbers turn green 148 (+1) / 168 (+1) / 308 (+2)

It’s a little confusing but it sounds as though this is what you’re seeing?