Level up for Hero’s 3 stars

I think it’s very crazy and tiredly, if be to 50 levels, it’s still need more, it’s a big problems for Heroes 3 stars …

They exist. They are called 4* heroes…

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You can put emblems on em too.

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That’s why they introduced emblems. 3 stars aren’t meant to be overly powerful


I actually quite like the skill sets on the 3 star heros. This is a bit of a pain as to get identical skills on 4 stars and then 5 stars. Kind of boots some of the variety out the game.

So I definitely sympathise with the idea of getting a bit more from 3 star heros. The costumes have helped. At the same time the 3 star heros in season 3 kind of take that shine away. Tournament play is really the only outlet. Although I tend to be surprised how well stacking 3 stars works in war when you just need the tank down.

Maybe something will come up.