Level up Delilah to 3-70 instead of leveling Wu Kong to 4-70?

I am not at the point to make this decision :smiley: Wu Kong is 3-8, special 8 and Delilah 2-20 special 6. So i do have some time.

I think the minions are very nice indeed, and they deliver nice results. As well is the healing Delilah delivers.

Having Wu Kong maxed out in special, is it better to pull out Delilah to level 3-70 or must i level Wu Kong to level 4-70? I really tend to leveling Delilah to 3-70 for now and use both Delilah and Wu Kong in raids and against titans. I even wonder if Delilah with her Minions fully specialiced (and that will happen till 3-70) could be a nice tank. :star_struck:

As for Tank after this i probably will expand Azlar. (OR Richard). But for now i’m concentrating on the leveling of either Wu Kong or Delilah and i’m tending to Delilah, though there is not much information about her.

Ow and i do think Delilah and BT (he’s just waiting for a hidden knife to be leveled to 4) would make a strong couple, Having Zeline(tier3), Sonya (tier4), Sartana (tier2) and Caedmon (3-60) and Rigard (3-26) as completion:D

Please help me out. I think it doesn’t make much of a difference. :smiley:

Against titans 7* and up Wu Kong pretty much dies in one hit until he’s about 4-35 or so. Your choice.


No, you need the extra life that Wu gets by maximizing it.

Wu goes on the team titan yes or yes


Wu Kong must be your god.
Nothing came before him.
Wife? Daughters? A puppy?

Now give him that orbs you infedel.


I generally agree with @Elpis on this. Unless you are hunting lower level titans up to 6), you need a stronger Wu to keep him alive, and you really want Wu on titans.


An ascended Wu gives better odds to get more orbs to ascend Delilah.


in rap voice

WU KONG WU KONG (like Wu Tang)


If I had both of them totally maxed and was forced to throw one away for some weird reason, I would keep Wu every time. He is the most useful offensive hero in the entire game.

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With 3 yellows…on a team of 5 vs 7 and 8* dark titans…with wukong’s special proc’ed
You can crit for almost well over 2000 per tile.

Hell…I usually run jackall, leonidas, Wukong on every titan and blast away…usually good for 20-40k (40-80k per round against dark)

I leveled them both in the time you spent making a decision

Sober up, Jeff. Last reply was 20 days ago :yum:

Alcohol isn’t good for you :smiley:
(hand me my single malt please!)

Thanks all for reacting. I see i myself didn’t react anymore. Excuses for that. Anyhow, my Wu Kong is 4-50 in mean time and Delilah is close to hold at 2-52. So yes you all convinced me to get wu kong having an extra live. :smiley: