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Hello I’d like to know what % exactly to have for a heroe to be leveled up ? If I combine same color of the heroe with another different color. If I have 20% chance does my heroe level should be up ?

If you are thinking about spesial atack, there are not an exactly % to level up.

I have had 50% and not level up and 10 % and level up.

So I will think you have the same chanse to level up every time you take your Hero to practis.

If the game says you have a 20% chance to level your special skill, then about one time in five it should happen. If 10%, then one time in ten. If 2%, then one time in 50.

You’re playing at the casino and there are no guarantees. You might be lucky or unlucky.


Let me try to answer with information about how the percent chance is computed.

  1. Training with another copy of the hero adds 25 percentage points;
  2. Training in-color adds 6% with a 3*,4% with a 2*, and 2% with a 1*;
  3. Training off-color adds half of those values.

So, until the special is still maxed, you should only use like-colored heroes for training.

There is a serious risk with 2* and 3* heroes that the special won’t max before you finish leveling it, so you want to do everything to maximize the chance of getting it leveled! Counterintuitively, that means using most 1* feeders, because two 1* feeders add 4% chance of increasing the special but only 360xp, while a 2* feeder also adds 4% but 468xp. Also, while working on the special, don’t use the special max-level trainers you might be awarded, as it adds a lot of exp with only a small chance of upping the special.

Note with 4* and 5* heroes, there’s almost zero odds of completing it without maxing the special, so that’s where those trainers go.

2* are the easiest to max. 4 copies = 100% and you can crank these hero’s out of the TCs so easily. 3*'s have been the bane (pun intended) of my special leveling existence :slight_smile:

So Kedirrock you mean to train with many same copy of the hero I want to
level up with duplicate heroes ?

Sorry Kerridock I mean

Yes, the best chance of a special increasing is to feed a copy of it. If you have 5 Banes, for example, feeding four to the fifth will guarantee a special increase (because 4*25%=100%).

Got it ! What about if I practise with new heroes then I combine heroes
with them ?

Feeding a leveled-up hero increases the exp gained by the receiving hero but doesn’t change the special power up chance…

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