Level up button on hero roster wont work on maxleveled but not max skilled heros

If a hero is max level, but has less than 8/8 skill, the level button at the bottom of the hero roster will not allow you to select that hero.

You can get by it by opening the hero first and clicking the level button on the heros card instead

Some screenshots would be nice with your post. I think it’s fairly easy to understand, but perhaps someone can see something you don’t. Personally, I’ve always leveled the hero by first selecting the card, but I can see how that would be annoying :unamused:

Don’t think this is a bug as it’s been the case since I started playing.

To keep leveling them up you have to tap on their card then hit the level up button there.

Same number of taps it’s just in a different order.

Realised you already worked out how to keep doing it lol… But yeahz don’t think it’s a bug.

Exactly why I asked for pics :grin:

Instead of a bug, this looks like a long-overlooked piece of code. This probably should have been changed when they made it possible to keep leveling your special after the hero was fully leveled. You know… way back in the Stone Age??

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