Level Up Button - Not working properly with Costumes or heroes not at top ascenscion

Version 44.0.0, Build 1634

I just noticed this today, though it may have existed in previous versions, but the display of heroes from the Level Up button on the hero page (without selecting an actual hero) appears to have a couple issues. It looks like similar issues were reported in the past (where a maxed level but not max skilled hero was having issues - but these reports were from 2019). The issues I found are slightly different.

When you first select the Heroes button, all of your heroes are displayed and selectable. Note that the Non-Costume Grimm is maxed, and Zila has only been taken through the 3rd ascension (though she requires 4 ascension levels to be maxed)

But, when you select the Level Up button without selecting a hero first, it appears the selection does not take Ascension Level nor Costume Level into account. Note that both Grimm and Zila are disabled. The issue with Grimm will be shown on the next screen shot. Zila is fairly obvious - even though she may be maxed at her current level, she is not a fully maxed hero.

As for Grimm, while his base card is maxed, I do not have his costume maxed…

In both cases, I would have to select the card itself, in order to feed/level the hero.
As far as costumes go, is it possible to add a note (similar to the way Class Quest Hero Selection works) that says “Costume may allow levelling” If the costume is not fully leveled.
Similarly, if a hero is maxed at their current level, but is not at their max ascension level, can they be made available from the general “Level up” option.

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Zila Lei need to go up to 4-1 to be able to be picked from this list by clicking Ascend hero

and grimm costume would need to be equipped to be able to be leveled up…

as far as I can remember, it have been like this from the beginning…


Not disagreeing, but saying that the “level up” button is a bit inaccurate If the hero or costume isn’t fully levelled (meaning max ascension tier and max level, not max level for current ascension tier), there should be an indicator on the screen.

Any 4*/5* hero that is maxed through the 3rd ascension is capable of being leveled up after ascension. Ditto on Costumes, and, as pointed out, the functionality to say “hey, check for costume” exists in another part of the game, so it should be feasible to say “Costume can be leveled” regardless of which aspect of the hero is active.

I was intrigued by this. Firstly I thought it was just looking at specialls when organised by element and it showed me a selection of heroes, however then I organised by power and heroes that had costumes that were not levelled or were limit broken but not levelled up gave me a different list. My guess would be that it just is in “the too hard basket”. That said, I generally only ever have ~5 heroes that I’m actively working on. I have never made use of this feature.

I actually found it quite by accident… accidentally hit the button, and knew the Grimm costume could be levelled, and that Zila wasn’t maxed… but yeah, might be in the “too involved” group. 99% of the time, I do select the hero (and have a team dedicated) to who I’m working on…

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