Level Up Block Lock

Level Up Block Lock

basically to help stop an accidental level up

Everybody know why You want to lock it up :stuck_out_tongue:
To manage titan flags.
If You want to manage flags it’s an easy way - just don’t fight.

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Lol yeah but it’s mainly for other players that are really busy and forgets to hold the exp. I admit I accidentally level up a few times. But have developed a marker method where I permanent marker my screen on the world energy icon. Thanks but this is for everyone.

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or… you could just pay attention :wink:

It would be an easy fix.

Could add a feature in the “settings” menu/

"HOLD LEVEL FOR TITAN" with a check box.
with the logic being
If titan = active, and titan flags = 0, then allow level

If titan = active, and titan flags >0, then pop up “You have unused titan flags, are you sure?” with options “Fight anyway” or “cancel”

if titan = inactive then pop up “You have unused titan flags, are you sure?” with options “Fight anyway” or “cancel”

Could also just build in the logic for the game, like when your hero inventory is full and it asks if you want to fight anyway.

Even more easy
The player level up could be something to collect from your avatar like ham from farm.

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when roster is full and you go to farm, it asks if you if you want to continue since you’ll lose any feeder heros you might get.

same warning could be used for level ups.

“this will take you to lvl xx. continue?” then have cancel or continue as options

shouldnt be a hard code to put in. i plan my level ups pretty well but i know many dont. so i support any feature that could help a majority or all players


Have you tried playing in province 1?

I would support this feature.
I watch my leveling closely and only level up during a titan, but it does happen that players level up inadvertently while - for example - doing a rare quest.

Thus, such a warning would be very nice and useful indeed.

It would be nice to have and useful for planning.
Like the war countdown, which SG kindly introduced. :blush:

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that would imply that a player is watching their xp bar and isnt autofarming during a rush or while doing something else. For those that autofarm on their breaks at work or while doing other things like housework, watching a movie, etc this feature could be pretty helpful

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I would like it not because I need a reminder, but because it impedes me from farming when I’m stuck at 99%. If you could lock down the experience, you could still farm and not lose titan flags when the titan gets killed at 11+ hours on the clock (as it is my case right now, sadly). I now have half a day of twiddling my thumbs when I have heroes to level up…

raid.this what you should save raid flasks for. and if u spend gems, best time to skip those chest timers and fill as many raid chests as possible while waiting for next titan

twenty characters

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That doesn’t help me with getting TC materials such as swords, clothes or backpacks. Not reliably, at least.

run tc11 advanced low cost in the meantime so that you’re still getting some production. if u dont have tc11, run the other low cost that is tc4 i believe

if you run 3 tc11s for that 12 hour wait, that’s still 18 feeders which is better than none

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I’m running double TC-2, a TC-20 and the 4th one doubles as TC-19 and TC-3. I could still be farming for swords and clothes if there was some sort of exp locking mechanism in place.

But thanks for the advice anyway, Rigs!

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ooooh i see your point now. was under impression camps were empty and it was bugging you. because it would definitely annoy me. my training camps havent been empty in over a year.

but i think the lock mechanism i had in mind was to give players a heads up that they will level up if they play a chosen level and if they didnt want to level up then they would have to wait until later to farm like we do already.

just know it’s easy to level up while autofarming if not paying attention so was looking at possible small add ons to help players with that habit

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I guess your pitch is much easier to make than mine :joy:

I was thinking more on the grounds of an item you could buy to give you 12 hours exp lock. But knowing SG they’d make it 2k gems per item instead of 50 or something of the sort…

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hmmm interesting. undecided if i like it or not but definitely has me curious

I’m just here to make people think :wink:

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