Level up - Atomos or Liana (Poll at post #3)

OK guys with Shrikewood here I finally can level up my first nature 5*!! So the question is who would you advise: Atomos or Liana?

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Lianna…1000 times Lianna…


That is almost a joke question :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Just checking :thinking:

But the answer is Lianna

I’ll add a poll, as you mentioned one…

  • Liana
  • Atmos
  • Is this for reals?

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Just make sure she’s locked before feeding Gormek :stuck_out_tongue:




Doing my bit to avoid further trauma …

Keep it Real meme

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Maybe Atomos.
You’ll have one of the rarest maxed legends of all. :wink:

Everyone has Lia. :nerd_face:

I vote for the Atomos, why?

He is already poor enough, he need some love.
(But seriously, max Lianna)


I might max Atomos…before a 3rd Lianna…nah, a 3rd Lianna is still better.



Grumble, Grumble…


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It’s a very grave situation, I had to start from scratch :wink:

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So… what you’re saying is that Atomos is a crap sandwich? I figured Liana as she would be my only green sniper. I guess that Margret wouldn’t get votes either…


Atomos felt kinda beastly going against him in the map stages, but as a hero on your roster… “crap sandwich” is accurate.


FYI one of my alliance mates once reached #3 with an Atomos tank. Doubt he stayed there very long …

My Atomos has sat in my roster at 1.1 for a year now. One day they may buff him and then he’ll get some attention. Conversely, as soon as Lianna popped out of TC20 I levelled her like a demon. She is beautiful and deadly, as a good sniper should be. Atomos is kind of interesting-looking and can occasionally be a bit of a nuisance. No contest.

It’s like a choice between Frodo Baggins and Samwise Gamgee.

Lianna for sure. I’m in a similar spot. Lianna or Kadilen. I’m torn on this one. I also have Evelyn and Elkanen maxed.

The thing you didn’t figure is that a maxed Lianna is a total weapon that can just about one hit kill anything (except red) in a team up to ~3900 pts. However…

Your guess was pretty damned good!!! :smile:

Ohhh nice way to rub it in, I don’t :cry: :sob: lol

But yes, I never fear Atomos when I face him in raids (never seen him in a war, I don’t think).

Feed Atomos to Liana, get much XP and also remove one dead weight taking up your precious roster space. Two birds one stone.

(but I am seriously contemplating feeding Atomos to Telluria since Atomos will forever stay at 1/1 for me)

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