Level up and world(red) flags

Hello can somebody tell me when I get more red flags after level 27.the last 3level up didn’t give any ,thanks

I know there is a gap until level 28, then you should get them close to every level

I got another flag from levels 31, 32, and 33. I didn’t get anything from level 30 if I remember correctly. There was such a large gap that I thought I wasn’t going to get anymore, I remember that. I’m level 33 and have 31 flags.

Edit: I think that I also received 5 more hero slots at level 31.

Sori forgot to tell, I am at level 29 didn’t get anything from level 27,28,29

I have 36 flags at level 41.

I have 38 flags at lvl 44. From around lvl 34 or so it seems to be every 2 levels you get one.

I have 37 flags at level 42.

it’s 31,32,33,34,35,36 After 36 every two lvls

There is a thread somewhere with all energy levels through level 42 or so

It’s pretty easy to find as well…it was renamed to be easy to find.

There you go. :slight_smile:


It’s kind of funny how it goes every other level and then slogs down in the 20’s before going back to every other level…it was like the game wasn’t ready for people to advance so quick or something, lol.


Tnx this helps a lot


nice list :slight_smile:
Is there a list for hero capacity too?
I have level 32 and 65 slots. I don’t remember level 30 but it was the same at level 31.

I don’t know if there is a list for hero capacity, but I just leveled up and got 5 more slots (was ages since I got slots). That makes 80 at lvl46. And 39 world energy (list goes to 45).

thank you :slight_smile: 20 charactera.q

42 World Energy at Level 51…