Level up 51->52

Please tell me that this is a joke.

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This is a joke.

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You did get at the last Update 4 Slots and now you think this is a Joke? The capacity is now evenly distributed.

Nope, at the higher levels you don’t get higher World energy with each level up. It does still refill all of your flags and you get a neat little daily token.

Oh, i’m talking about +1 heroes’ capacity ottoman0000 ^^


I didn’t get any additional slots going from 47 to 48. At least you got one space.

The stuff like world energy and hero slot increases is staggered - you don’t get 1 increase every level. Some levels have them, some don’t.

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Does anyone know the maximum number of hero slots we can eventually receive without purchasing them?

As far as I know, it just keeps on going up. After the gains plateaued I was getting a new slot at every even level up until 58, when I got 2 slots. I don’t know whether that was a one-off or if it’ll be consistent. Another week or so and I’ll hit 60 and get more data.

According that spreadsheet, we max out 86 but I’ve already got 85 at level 53?

Sorry, maybe I’m just being dense. But at least I know now I’m very close to my maximum number of slots.

Edit: I just levelled up to 54 and now have 87 slots?

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