Level Troops

Can you make it a bit easier to level up your troops? It takes a lot of time to level up. Also, it would be nice if we had the option of buying heroes and not randomly getting one. I have wasted so many gems on getting the same unwanted heroes.

E&P is simply a game of wait.
Troops is one part of that and you will have to live with that.
Players on top has spent months if not years (2 years) to get their troops from 4☆ lv1 to lv30. NOT to mention tons of money.
Makin this easier now will be unfair to them. Troops is the real deal between the true E&P gamer and the just playing for fun player.
There are many ways yo level up your troops depends on what do you really aim to use em in, rare stages of events or Epic/Legendary!
If you are aiming to play rare stages then your 4☆ troops will be ofc lower than a player who aim for legendary cause he/she will only focuse on leveling 4☆(when ever he gets them) not 3☆ no mention the 2☆.
So think first what kind of a player you are F2P/C2P/P2P
(Free to play /Cheap to… /Pay to…)
And what kind of events you want to do.
And what your most part to enjoy in E&P if Titans, Map or Raids then don’t level up the 2☆ troops and just level the 3☆ & 4☆s.
If Events then as what writen above think.
This will save you much time/feeders and food to know your self better.

About heroes:
I say you should read this thread:

Have a great day.


I concur with @Jedon — I call this game Endurance & Patience.

Troops are simply about grinding. Get lucky with some Epic Troop Tokens and their 10% chance of pulling a 4 :star: troop, then grind millions of hams into ploughing all your feeders from all your farming into those.

Shifting to a “buy a hero” model is outside E&P’s business model. We’d be directly into a P2W model, with those who happen to get lucky being left in the dust behind those who can spend.

And let’s keep in mind the prices we’d likely see. If you do 230 summons, you have about a 50% chance of getting a specific featured Legendary from Atlantis. That’s about $850 in gems, just to get a 50/50 shot at the hero. So, what, $1500 sounds about right for a “buy now” option.

Seeing that kind of price tags in a mobile match-3 game should be a real,wake-up call about how much you’re blowing in this game. SGG does not want that alarm sounding. Ever notice that there are no clocks inside a casino? So too seeing a 4-digit price tag on a hero would disturb the illusion of low-cost “micro” transactions.


I have run out of feeders :frowning:

Farm s1 like if no tomorrow xD

That would work but I am not in too much of a hurry. I need 30-40+ of each color to make any sort of difference at this point.

I will just grind it out and level as they come. I don’t spend money on troop summons, especially not to feed them away.

Here is what I got


If I am not into rare stage events the most my troops should be 20+
But yours looks good with many 4☆s
Nice Troop roster

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Thanks. Took about 10-11 months to get that yellow one.

Don’t level the 3* anymore but they are usable for now.

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I have 1 4☆ in green yellow red roots. At levels 6 to 4.
And x3 3☆s of each color at lv 9~4
And x3 of each color 2☆ at lv 6
Works fine with me …
Goal to get all 2☆ to lv15
Then will work on my 4☆s

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I ditched my 2’s. I don’t do the rare events so no need. I don’t even have enough 3’s to have a team. Just a few for now cuz I think they are cool.

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I understand. I have been playing the game for about 2 years and have spent lots of money. It was just a suggestion.

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I think it would be good if the Barracks allowed for generating new troops like the Training Ground produces Heroes. The level up requirements for 3:star: & 4:star: troops is excruciating, especially if you don’t have any lower level troops to spare.
Even making the wait times 1, 2, even 3 days, depending on the level, wouldn’t be a bad thing, I’d just like to get some new guys

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This. I was looking to see if this was already suggested xD Need some advanced baracks levelup that generates troops like advanced housing does