Level Restriction for Trials of Survival (Still in Place) (was: thank you for listening)

Just to thank you for allowing all levels to try their luck on the last trial

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I just had a level 29 player in our alliance check, and he said he still sees that level 30 is required for the last level of the trial.

Where did you see that that had been changed?


Maybe they should update

Nope :sob:
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This time it would have been a waste of 12 we due to my poor paladin and bow roster, but generally this is frustrating to not have the chance to get all the emblems. The better gets better and the others are kept poor.

The better gets better and the others get level 30 ? ( fast ) :smile:

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Yo, I’m lvl 29 now and missed already 3 final stages. So I missed about 50 emblems.

The more one misses the more one will be behind afterwards. Would have been more fair, if everyone at least had the chance to try.


That would mean you could have finished the final stages ?

The first two I think yes.
My roster contains 40 4 and 5 star to choose from and all are half up to 80% leveled.

Wisely used war items and boooooom :rofl:

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Do you consider yourself ctp or ptp ?

If I would know what that means I will tell.

Do you feel the same way about rare quests?

No, I finish them regularly, if I don’t need my we for other things.

Guys we already had this conversation and even if 40% of the people here weren’t happy about it we got ignored. We have to deal with it.
It’s funny though how they quickly turned the pentagram after a few complains. Maybe we should say that our religion sees walls as the SUPREME EVIL? :joy:


Don’t mention the wall!

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Ok, you can do them. But are they not also the strong getting stronger? :slight_smile:

Except everybody has the chance to try at least.

Should have been Cheap To Play or Pay To Play. Edited my post.

It helps to know how much money someone spends to get a perspective.

I am Free To Play. :smile:

Spent about 250 bucks for seasonal and Atlantis pulls, took and will take several small offers and have VIP.

Think pay and play matches it best.

This Atlantis I only made 3 pulls from tokens.

All in all I have 40 heroes now, 32 4* and 8 5*.

300/40 = ~8 bucks each hero :thinking:

Since I don’t think to get into top 100 anyway, I’m satisfied so far and think to spend about 20 to 30 per month in the future and have some fun with my alliance.

Sorry I was sure it was fixed with the update
Too unfair to turn out people just based on their level
Some level 30+ are weak while some lower level are strong and well build

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