Level on my self as a player

I hvve recently being welcome elioha level 15. I have level 54 a d im not so
long from 55. Why does this beeing announced? Change mt level to the one i hace worked ny self up to.

@Elioha honestly I have no idea what you are talking about? So you were at level 54 and now level 15??


Probably your level in Google Play Games (and not in E&P).

I’m level 17 in Google Play Games (12 games tried; 274 achievements). I’m level 66 in E&P …

You can access your Google Play Games profile through Options > Settings > button-with-possibly-wreath-icon-in-the-lower-left-corner. (Or just start the app from the system, I guess. “Play Games”. The profile is currently accessed through a lower-right-corner button.)


Sounds about right. I think I’m level 7 :roll_eyes:

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