Level Non-Advanced Buildings Past Level 20

My question is geared more towards the regular buildings and not the newer advanced buildings. In order to level up a building, my stronghold had to be leveled up before the (normal house, normal farm, etc) could be. But now that My stronghold can be built past level 20, why can’t all of my Non-Advanced buildings be built to level 21 (or 25, or wherever the stronghold level stops)?

I did find a question similar to mine. @zephyr1 posted a thread to a beta discussion (older one) but it mostly talked about the advanced buildings that were coming out, and not to the existing ‘regular’ buildings.

You have to upgrade SH to level 21 for advanced buildings.

And I don’t understand why you opened this thread to ideas category. Anyway, there is already a thread for discussions. @zephyr1 merge?

I’m actually unclear on whether this is meant as a question thread or a suggestion.

@JohnDoe Are you asking if Buildings can be upgraded past Level 20 (they can’t be), or suggesting that the game should be changed so that Buildings can be upgraded further?

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I think he ment, if the Stronghold is at Lvl 21 then for example a house at lvl 10 could update to a advanced hose!!!
isn´t it?!?!?!?

Sorry. I guess I wasn’t very clear. I am suggesting a change to the game to increase the level of buildings past lvl 20 as the stronghold goes past 20. Just the regular plain old buildings. For example, a mine(or farm, or storage, or house…) can’t be upgraded to level 20 until the stronghold is upgraded to level 20.
But now, the option exists to upgrade the stronghold past level 20, so I think the other buildings should, too.
I posted this in the Ideas and Feature requests section, because currently this idea or feature isn’t available; I can only upgrade a non-Advanced building to level 20.

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And you think now it’s clear? :rofl: I really don’t understand what you are talking about. You must upgrade SH at level 21 for any building to be converted. Is the way the game it is. And no building level can surpass SH level. Savvy?

Pretty clear. Prior to SH 21, all buildings couldn’t exceed SH.

Now that there is SH21, why can’t every single farm, or mine etc exceed 20 now along with SH21, like every level below.


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But they can now… Just now it is called ‘Convert’ and not upgrade… The only buildings that stay the same are Training Camps and Forges, but you can convert all others to advanced versions of themselves once you get SH21

But no you can’t, just 1, not all.

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Ok… I get your point now… Well it is possible a design issue, this way Devs keep players interested in going forward to SH25 and get those advanced buildings too… otherwise upgrading to SH25 will be only useful for new buildings (Hunter’s Lodge, Alchemy Lab and Hero Academy)…

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