Level increase of Alliance Energy\flags



What I would like to see happen.
As you level up (maybe every 10th level) you get an extra alliance flag.
So the more you play the more you get. This could be quite fair as both pay to win and free to play players would have an equal chance to get more flags and having the increase at every 10th level means that you wont have a very drastic difference in flag numbers between new and long term players.

The more time you play the more you get.
1-9 = 3 flags
10-19 = 4 flags
20- 29 = 5 flags
30- 39 = 6 flags
and so on.


I’d say having double flags is a huge advantage.

It would prevent smaller players from competing.

They would have to add lots of hp to titans to compensate high level players doubling their output. This would make it that much harder for smaller/newer alliances.

It is already difficult enough to craft items for titans, this would result in many more items being used


That’s a very good point. I hadn’t thought of it like that.


I love this idea though my suggestion would be a little more reserved: one additional flag for each 20 or 25 levels instead of every 10.