Level exchange emblem

Applies to two 5* heroes of the same color. Let hero-A be level 2-60 and Hero-B be level 4-80. After cast (without using other resources) Hero-A has 4-80 and Hero-B has 2-60.

That would mean that hero A gets all the ascension mats, feeders and resouces that were used to ascend hero B, for free… that would be like Zynga cutting the branch from under their feet… not gonna happen…

I don’t buy gems don’t summon heroes because I don’t have anything to raise them with. The probability of dropping 4* mats from chests and titans has dropped about 5 times over 3 years. At the same time, I have a lot of full 5*, which I don’t play. If I had such emblems, it would make sense to call. And so Zinga does not receive anything from me.