Level boss mana refills automatically after they fire their special attack

I notice playing Atlantis the boss level monsters mana automatically fills by 1/4 after they fire their special attack. This happens without me making a move. This should not happen. Their mana should depend on the tiles being activated not just given to them on a whim. If this is the case then our hero mana should automatically fill by the same amount after they fire their special attack.

All opponents played by the AI are given some mana each turn. This is to make up for them not using tiles against you.

You’ll see this while raiding or playing the world levels… anywhere your opponent is controlled by the game AI.


Yes I know, however they gain mana after the turn, fire their special attack and gain more mana after their special attack before the next turn. So they are gaining mana twice in one turn when they fire their special attack.

Their special attack fires as part of their turn, not after their turn. The end-of-turn mana gain happens after specials and slash attacks have activated. And if you think about it, this makes perfect sense. It is the exact analog of how mana gain works for the attacker:

  1. You get to fire all of your active specials if you so choose
  2. You move tiles, which will cause you to gain mana if the tiles are of the appropriate color

Why would you think that you should be able to gain mana after firing your specials, but the defense should not be able to do the same?

I do not gain mana before firing my special only after moving tiles. They gain mana before and after. So they get two mana gains per turn and we only get one.

There are 3 ways a defender can gain mana:

  1. Getting hit by tiles (your turn)
  2. Mana gain abilities (either turn, depending on the power)
  3. End of their turn, after all specials and slashes (their turn)

So they don’t get two guaranteed mana gain phases on their turn, just one.

You can see that in this video of a Poseidon stage that someone uploaded:

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I don’t really see anything unusual here. Cyprian fully charged his Mana because he was hit with tiles during your turn (Garanwyn’s first bullet point), he fires his special, then he gets a bit of Mana after the turn ends (Garanwyn’s third bullet point). That’s simply the way raids work: enemies get Mana after every turn.

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You’re not paying careful attention to your own sequence, or the video I linked.

Let’s walk through the key points.

Defenders gain mana from getting hit by tiles on your turn

You just hit him with tiles, which is what took his mana bar to full. That’s your turn, not the defense’s turn. You can tell you just hit him with tiles because of the little “1s” that are visible, and the words “PERFECT RIPOSTE.”

Like I said here:

Now we move on to post the activation of his special:

Defenders gain mana at the end of their turn, after all their specials and slashes have activated

This is from the mana gain at the end of the defense’s turn. All defenders gain mana at the end of their turn.

Like I said here:

Your mana gain happens when the tile move is complete, not in the middle

Next thing to note is, on your turn you get mana when the activated troops complete their journey, not while they’re in transit. So this screencap is meaningless:

You’re calling the edge of a drone “mana.” It isn’t. You need to look more carefully at the screens you’re observing:

It looks like the big problem is you’re having trouble distinguishing between drone parts and mana in some of the Atlantis fights.

I see says the blind man. You are correct.

a better screen shot. You can see here that is mana not drone parts. However I now see your earlier point so this is moot.

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