Level another Seshat or 2 Proteus

I already have 1 Seshat maxed, but have 5 Proteus lying in wait. Have 5 tabbards and 10 trap tools. If I started on another Seshat, the next Morlovia would roll around to give me that last tabbard. Or I could do two Proteus’s with the AM in hand.
Only 5*'s I have are Tarlak, Ariel, Mitsuko, Joon and Seshat (+a Hatter at 3/70 and zero tonics and a Quintus at 1/1)
Double Seshat would feel is a lot better than running Seshat + Tibertus/Gafar against Guin. But I know everyone raves about Proteus.

Thanks in advance

For me it’s clearly Proteus and I think you likely made a mistake by doing the first Seshat over him.
Proteus, Tiburtus, and Seshat will be effective (although not ideal) against Guinevere, and much sooner (as Proteus will take substantially less time to max than a second Seshat).

Also, Proteus will do a ton for you in events, all the trials he’s eligible for, any map stages with hard bosses that you need to shut down, etc.


this… 20 char agree


Proteus all the way. Imo, he will have more utility in the long run as with one you can isolate one side while working on the other. Packing 2 of him you can shut down the whole field! I am a firm backer of Proteus and he has saved my bacon plenty of times.

Well, I think that answers the question pretty clearly :). Proteus it is. I guess I can look forward to the added family bonus with Ariel, Triton and Proteus

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I would do 1 Proteus and 1 Seshat @ 3/70

One Proteus is more then enough, but surely your best option (and overall a great option no matter what).

By the time you max him, you probably have something else to work on.

In your shoes i don’t work on any duples right now, expecially because Tiburtus and Rigard are key heroes.

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