Level and experience points

How important level and experience points are? They don’t seem to have any use to me.

Should I skip those quests gaining experience points to save world energy?

You’re right, level and XP in this game are far less important than in a typical RPG. Hero levels matter; yours, not so much. At higher levels all you get is a bigger world energy stash (which refills at the same rate) and a few more hero slots.

Is that worth the WE to complete the quest? Your call. I do them, but it’s probably not completely rational.

I used to think like this. But I changed my mind.

The faster you can get to at least 42 World Energy (which is 42/6 = 7 hours of recharge time - Player Level 51) the faster you can finish rare quests and events in as few goes as possible, minimising wait time for World Energy if you have no flasks.

Sure the difference is not too much (1-2 hours of wait time, depending on where you are at) but it adds up I think.

It also means that you theoretically spend less time checking your phone.

Assuming a WE of 42, if you were an insomniac (or if you time your sleep) you just need to check your phone about 3-4 times a day to completely exhaust your World Energy (ignoring Titans and Raid Missions).

I’m currently on 37 WE and about to hit 38. Aiming for 42 before I slow down a bit.


You forgot the other point
If you get higher world energy it means you can actually sleep longer without filling and wasting flags lol


…and I have so many heroes I want to Level that I am glad for every additional spot in my roster.

Yup, 7 hours of sleep at Player Level 51…the higher you go the more sleep you are entitled to lol!


Aah, that’s actually a truly good point. :grin:

One of my teammates tells, that after 50 lvl increasing of heroes slots in shop (+5) costs 100 gems instead of 50. It is unfair!!!

@OoPriest No it doesn’t. It increases incrementally as you purchase more.

Why is hero cap increase asking for 100gems? - #2 by 2Spookd

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Got it! Thank you very much!

And here’s another very good reason:

Halloween event…

…then Mount Umber…

…then BAM, Atlantis.

That large reserve of World Energy is starting to look really good now right?:wink:

Thankfully I saved up some flasks for a moment such as this!

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The increased max world energy, hero space, and 10 gems are enough to keep me wanting more xp

Remember to use every flag you have before you cross to the next level.

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I would say aim for 27-30 WE as soon as possible if you are still under.

Doing 8-7 at 9-15 monster per run (M/R) to fill 100 monster chest and collect your recruit.

  • 7 = 14.3 M/R => Legendary Lucky
  • 8 = 12.5 M/R => You are somewhat lucky
  • 9 = 11.1 M/R => Most of the time you be done here if not before
  • 10 = 10 M/R => very unlucky

So initial target would be 9x3 energy for 27 WE

At 30 you are more solid and have a round 5h sleep / cool down

I reached 31 this week
I lose a few hour of WE each day because of schedule.
I wish for 42 WE to have my 7h sleep / cool down

Especially titan flags! 3 free extra hits can push you to the top 3 even if its a color titan you do a poor job of hitting

I would say getting 15 monsters from a 3wep run at 8-7 is beyond an outlier. Normal average is 13. That is below the 15 monster average found at 7-4.

If a player has 27 flags, they would get 18 monsters more at 7-4 after using all flags. This is like getting 4.5 more flags at 8-7.

Lots of folks do 8-7 and track this closely so, hopefully, others can let us know if I am wrong (again).

A clever trick to using up your world flags:

Use Loot Tickets to drain all your WE at one go, e.g. farm 20-4 with six loot tickets. The flags are pulled as a block, then the experience awarded afterwards as a block, leveling you up with no loss of flags.


You might want to rephrase for beginners.

The block attack not my recommendation. Using loot tix is, though. By farming to match exp, and using a loot ticket to close out at province 6 or 7, will use all the flags and renew them.

This is a six of one half dozen of the other situation.

Yeah 7-4 is slightly higher Monsters per Run and require less WE to complete the monster quest but at the cost of recruit and XP.

xp in 7-4 is 212.33 / WE
xp in 8-7 is 272.33 / WE
272.33 / 212.33 = 1.28
So running 8-7 will grant 28% more xp than 7-4 which mean a lot over time.

OP, sorry I didn’t cover that last post clearly. Hate incomplete lessons, so try this.

First, you should understand I look at the exp number seen after tapping your avatar. It goes down to zero, so I use the old “Loots and Stats” guide (google just that) to see how many flags I can use at any given province level.

Next, I see how long it will take to spawn my next titan flag. That flag takes the longest time, so that is the one I use as a deadline. My raid flags will be finished either just before or just after I use that last titan flag.

This can lead to a problem. Titans do not always cooperate. You have to time finishing the exp when you have used all your titan flags at either the beginning or during a titan fight. If there is no titan, you will be wasting some assets.

To stall while waiting, I like playing 3-2 and 3-3. You can use 30 wep flags and not use 2000 exp.

I am sure there is something missing here, so just pop a question back.