Level Advice Please - 1 of Each

  • Viscaro
  • Chaka
  • KillH x 2
  • Thoth
  • Zulag
  • Aaron

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  • Norms
  • Panda
  • Rana
  • Malosi x 2
  • Ranvir

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  • Frosth
  • Fenrir
  • Alice x 2

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  • Baldar
  • Bertila
  • Zoc
  • Telly
  • Margert
  • LofL x 2

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  • Nimo
  • Russel
  • Rubben
  • Cap Kest

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As a F2P players i expect SG to make sure my occasional free pulls = Dawa, so i need to level what i have.

Suggestion please for each colour

do you really f2p with that amazing roster?

have u spent some money before?


Haha I was just gonna say that :upside_down_face:


more like a whale converted into f2p or… a whale in disguise that just wanna show off :kissing_closed_eyes:

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Sorry all, you are all very right!! I should have said, recently turned F2P. You will see a 2nd ascended Krumpus without any emblems! I will let you all guess why I am now 100000% F2P. Cold day in hell when the SG scum get anymore money from me!


Very good plan! I also joined the smart F2P gang recently :+1:

I’ll have a look at your roster later

Good luck with your summons


purple i will wait or if u have abundant mats maybe viscaro (though not necessary)

yellow norn, she is fun to play with and helpful in maps or quest

blue frost

green zocc as mana controller can save ur life in offense

red is russel since he can pair very well with emilio

note: actually nothing really essential anymore since u get all heroes covered, so it is just a additional luxury collection if u have abundant mats and stop chasing new shiny heroes

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That’s what I was gonna say lol :innocent:

You have a great roster so whichever hero you decide to level should be the ‘fun to play’ heroes - you have all basis covered :+1:

But I’d probably go with

Purple Viscaro

Yellow Norns

Blue ? None

Green Zocc

Red Noor

Enjoy :green_heart::turtle: