Level 70 player found a new home

Level 70 player needs a new home.
8 maxed 5 stars in each colour.
Defence team over 4600 tp.
No interest in line or discord.
I will fill my war chest in the morning, then fold my one man alliance.

Been in my one man alliance for 7 months, waiting for Telluria to be balanced i do not have Telluria and i am not appreciative of green war tanks.

No interest in the top 100 grind, but do play everyday.

Is anyone interested in me joining their alliance.


Forgot to add, would prefer a uk alliance…

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Squib Nation is my alliance. We’re not grinders and are friendly and fun.

We ask that you use all war flags and let us know if you are going to miss a titan.

We might be a good home for you, but aren’t UK based. Full Moon Hunters. We have some global players , one Hungarian, I’m not sure where else honestly. Mostly Americans.

We have Discord but not required. We chat but it isn’t mandatory. We are at 25 members currently so got some openings. Been in the 10-13* Titan range - depending on if roster is full or not.

The core of this alliance has been together for 2+ years now. We would be happy to have you – we have some steady silent types (I fall under that category in game honestly!)

We do ask you to hit every Titan (or let us know if you can’t. )

And either opt outta war OR use all 6 flags :slight_smile:

Edit: we are rolling with red war tanks for the recent past btw. We usually change it up but we have used red for a while.

Hey @LSLordy have a look at UK Immortals 2. - we have a thread in this section as well. We are an adult, supportive lot with loads of banter, based in the UK with some members from the US and Australia. We have a stronger alliance called UK Immortals which is a top UK one. Check us out, you won’t be dissapointed and I’m sure you’ll fit right in!

Podyman, if you had been in the uk immortals family for more than 6 months, then you would recognise my name, send my regards to Silky, but it is a no from me.

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@Duaneski. Cheers mate, consider your spot sold, i will be over in the morning, once the current war is finished.
I look forward to joining you.

No worries mate, thanks for taking the time into replying and for the regards, I’ll make sure to pass it on. Good luck on finding a new home!

Hi Wayward Phoenix 2 have vacancies for 9 active players, UK based, international mix, hitting 9* Titans currently, very active group, mature and friendly. Come pay us a visit

Hello Lordy,
Loot Hunters is looking for experienced players. We have the usual rules, titans daily, all flags, etc. and we do hold members accountable simply by asking them to opt out of next two wars if they have an unused flag. Second consecutive unused flag is grounds for dismissal. We are 50/50 UK/US and occasionally there will be some chat about Manchester City, Chelsea FC, Liverpool FC, etc, whatever all that means :joy: just kidding, I know exactly what that means. Line is optional so seems like we may be a fit. Only caveat is we are currently running green tanks. But don’t let that discourage you. Give us a peek.

Thanks for the offers everyone.
I will take @Duaneski up on his kind offer in the morning.
So no point posting any more replies.


Hey @LSLordy!
If you have found a new home and don’t want more replies to this thread , you can always tag the @moderators and they will close it for you… otherwise, the replies will just keep coming in.

Good luck and have fun in your new home! :wink:

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Hi. I am looking for a few good players. At 70, you would be the BMOC in my alliance. Only two are above 60. I am at 64 the other is at 66.

We are laid back and have a bunch of people where life happens first. We kill 7-8* titans and aim for blue tank in war.

We would love to have you! We also have a fresh war chest currently, 0/25. Come check us out…

Global Alliance Fighters.

We have a few UK members… we are kinda from all over.

@LSLordy - if you’re all set, you can summon @moderators to close this for you so you’ll stop gettting offers if you’d like :wink: :+1:

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Check Diamond Infantry International, english speaking, NO line/discord. Great and strong alliance. Tagging @D_DI for more info :slight_smile:

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Talk a look at out our team! Silent Implosion. We are a growing alliance, all active. 14-2 war score, rotating tanks, and 9 to 11* titans. Come take a peek!

Line ID: Toya_76

Glad you’ve found a new home, moderators have been called and still… you are getting offers to join various alliances. Infinite giggles :innocent:

Ps Hope you don’t mind, I’ve changed your thread title so hopeful recruiters will exert their energies elsewhere.

I let the gang over at the alliance know to expect you. We are excited to have you on board! :slight_smile:

@LSLordy if you ever need this reopened, please flag this and request it. For now, I will close this. Enjoy your new alliance!!!

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