Level 7 Player Shows Up on our War Battlefield

We have a new fairly new member in my alliance (The Harder They Come), and she has progressed from level 5 to level 7 fairly quickly. However, when I checked our war battlefield today, I saw her there with no defense team. I’ve never seen this before (and I’ve been playing quite a while), and no one on the team has either. I do know she will be removed with no defense team before war starts, but can anyone tell me why she shows up at all?

Thanks so much!

I think you should take screenshots from the battlefield and the player profile and submit a support ticket.
Anyway, can you contact that player via chat? What is the game itself telling this player?

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Agree with @Sh3r1ff, as the war option is not available until a player reaches Lvl 12 :thinking:


I know that, so that’s why I posted this issue. I have sent her account screenshot & a screenshot of the battlefield to support. Reached out to my player via chat, but she went offline before I could send. Thanks so much for your help!

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Check out this thread, several issues with opted out members, low level players and players with no defensive team in recent wars have been posted:

This has happened to us in the last two wars. A level 7 member has shown on the battlefield during preparation with no defense team. When the war starts, she is dropped, but our opponent has an extra player, as if she was still on the field. It has left us at a 6 flag deficient in both cases, but we’ve managed to win both when the other team didn’t use all their flags and my team used all of ours. However, several of my teammates have complained about this, and I’m afraid they may opt out of war, or even quit the team. This level 7 player needs to quit counting as a war participant.

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