Level 50 Path of Valor. Avatar!

So I completed the last path of Valor much to my delight and to be fair level 50 was looking doubtful at one point. So the new one is here and what’s the reward for completing level 50? A freaking Avatar! I for one wont be busting a gut to get there!


Yes, Order is different.
So no big trouble to get those 4* AM’s.
Isn’t that great?:slight_smile: :+1:


The whole thing is optional. Enjoy it, don’t bust a gut, whatever you’d like! I enjoy its more accessible to all now. Plus everyone complained the last one was too difficult - it’s what the people wanted!


I agree , but if level 50 was something extra special it would make it a worthwhile challenge. As it is I can forget about it after 49. The other plus point is you can probably miss out on more challenges without loss.

The Changes they have made make obtaining the 4* mats easier for everybody to obtain, which is fantastic!

This gives everybody some leeway - you’re able to miss quite a few dailies or one of the top tier missions and can still get to level 48!!


I completed 100% last go-round (every last point, not just tier 50). Did I want something extra - absolutely. But still not the end of the world - I was still happy for something new!

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The only guarantees in life: Death, taxes, somebody will moan about something in E&P whatever they do


Remember mass-whine about moving 4* mats down from lvl 50.


Whatever floats your boat dude…

Its your choice.

Exactly what you said - YES

That’s the whole point of having the 4* mats moved down from 50 to 48.

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I’ve seen plenty of threads with complaints about difficulty of getting those 4* materials. Now when they let more people get valuable items there are complaints about disappointing rewards for reaching top tier.
Apparently you can’t please everyone and I will never understand other people.

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If you don’t want the avatar you can stop the path after level 48.
No big deal in my opinion…
Maybe be glad you don’t have to invest as much as before to obtain the hard earned math.

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Are you serious?! They move the 4* mats from 50 to 48, get rid of the challenge event requirement, almost triple the points leeway, and you’re still pissing and moaning?! What kind of entitlement is that?! SMDH


It’s each to their own I suppose. I’d probably swap my Kageburado for a hippo avatar; however others in my alliance have never changed from Gunnar with a blue background, in three years :man_shrugging:

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I’ve wanted a Clarissa avatar since I first saw her in beta


That ‘explains it all’ :laughing:


And I’d rather earn it as a gameplay reward than buy it in the shop


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