Level 4/44 Tarlek

Why He is still not as good as Wu Kong?
They took turns in Titans it seems to me that Wu Kong can out perform Tarlek all the times.

Not the problem of the tool, but rather who wields it!

Do you mean that the use of Tarlek is very diferent from that of Wu Kong on Titans?

From my personal experience with him (4/72) he is absolutely awesome against almost all titans, because his attack buff cannot be overwritten with titan’s attack debuff, so you just need to cure the debuff :wink: Wu is great, that’s for sure, but you know how it is with him. You can score 60-80k with great board, but with common board you score about 20-30k and if you get bad board, you’ll end up with 5-10k. With Tarlak your scores become more consistent with fewer spikes and you probably won’t score less than 20k against 9*.

From my point of view Tarlak is better of Wu only on high level titans, where you NEED to stun the titan if you want to survive.
It is logic that on a not so strong titan where your life is not really at risk half of the time, you can play the board calmly and picking the best choice.
But on a 11* or 12* one miss can means one or more of your heroes dead, and the buff with them.

Don’t forget that Wu still almost double Tarlak buff (185 against 100) and even if you miss a third of your gems you still do more damage (only not against blue titans of course).

Tarlak is far superior, he heals and you are hitting 100% of the time. Add another attack buff on top of his and you’re good to go.

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I avg 35k on green yellow blue titan 8*-9* with Tarlak Wu against a purple titan with gjackel Grimm Rana Vivica (714 park) I can with a good board reach 60 70k but a bad board I’m lucky to break 10 k an Wu does far easier then Tarlak plus Tarlak has one of the highest tile damage in game with I think its 814 patk or something close to that

Thanks for your input. It means that I still have hope in using Tarlek. I am happy to know he can be better for high end titans.

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