Level 21 Upgrades

Edited: After upgrading my SH to 21, I was only able to convert a single building.; none of the other building types had a convert button. After 3 hours, the other convert buttons finally appeared even though I don’t have enough resources to do the conversions right now. Leaving this up in case anyone else runs into the same issue.

I’m not sure what are you talking about. You can upgrade one food storage to advanced food storage, one iron storage to advanced iron storage, one mine to advanced mine and so on.

Yes; right now. Like @grzechol, I am confused by your post. We can upgrade one of each type of building, not one single building. A few comments I’d make that I hope you find helpful.

  1. You should at least skim this thread, which has a lot of informative discussion about the new buildings. If you do, you will learn that we can make an Advanced Mine, Advanced Farm, Advanced Iron Storage, Advanced Food Storage, Advanced House, AND the Hunter’s Lodge. It seems from your post that you’ve only done the last one.

  2. I’m not completely sure, but from your post it sounds like you maybe converted to a Hunter’s Lodge and are now stuck waiting to accumulate resourced. This problem and other issues are discussed in this thread, where several posters lay out what they view as their optimal build order. Note, especially, that you need an Advanced Food Storage in order to have enough Food to research Harpoons. It sounds like that may be a problem you have, in which case you need to stock up ~1.5 million iron to convert your food storage.

  3. Lastly - I apologize that I am not able to perfectly understand your post - it seems like you may have converted a food storage to the Hunter’s Lodge. That will certainly greatly exacerbate having enough food storage to research Harpoons! Generally, it is suggested that you convert a FORGE into the Hunter’s Lodge - much in the same way that pretty much everyone did their Barracks conversion from a forge.

Hope that helps!


We can rule this out, at least. Food Storage can’t be converted to a Hunter’s Lodge, only the option of an Advanced Food Storage is provided.


Ah, I see upon a closer reading. Okay OP, it seems you’re saying that you had the resources to do Advanced Food Storage OR Hunter’s Lodge and now are frustrated you couldn’t do both. Yep, that was the situation we all had. I’d reiterate that you should read the thread I linked in point two, which addresses this specifically. Also, that thread is fairly short (unlike the one I linked to in point one); it will benefit you to read the whole thing.

But the bottom line is that you may just have to wait until you accumulate all the resources to do your next building. Which, again, is what we all did. It’s taken me some time, but I have converted my Stronghold, Food Storage, and Mine, made the Hunter’s Lodge, and am now researching Harpoons. I am now waiting to replenish my iron supply so I can do the Advanced House.


Well this is just strange. A few hours later and I’m just now seeing convert buttons on the other buildings. The same thing happened when they released the update and I didn’t have an upgrade button for my SH until after several hours and multiple logins.

Nope, not strange. That’s normal. Those icons only show up when you have the resources to do the actual upgrade / conversion. However, you can always see what the cost is (even when you can’t meet it), by clicking the building and selecting the upgrade / convert button.


The problem is that the convert buttons weren’t even there so there was nothing to click on.

If you do not have enough materials (food or iron) stored, the icon to convert will not show up.

That’s just not true. I don’t have enough iron to upgrade my food storage right now but it has a convert button to click and see how much iron is needed.

Than we have different versions I guess.
All buildings that I still can convert do not have the yellow arrow sign showing right now, because I am out of stock on food and iron.

Are you on an iphone? I’m on android. That might be the difference.

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