LEVEL 21 3*,4*&5* HERO ROSTER (G. Jackal, Drake Fong, Kelile & Gormek)

Hello Everyone,

I am level 21 and would like some roster advice. I have one TC13 & one TC10. I have been saving gems for a 10 Pull at an event summons (not at 2600 quite yet). I am including a picture of my current team. I have two 4* and one 5*. I do okay at titan events, but seem to struggle with the campaign and raids. Anyone with even a max 5* kills my team, or even a decent healer makes them tough to beat in a raid.

I know the chances of TC13 are low and people generally recommend getting to TC 20 ASAP, but I also read that a maxed out 4* is sometimes the way to go, because of the difficulty of getting 5* ascension items. So, I think I want to at least keep G. Jackal and Drake Fong. What do you think of Kelile and who or what (as in healer, hitter or tank) should I get to replace my 3* (possibly Kelile?) and how?

Any 3* recommendations on who to keep or burn for events is welcomed too!

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Definitely keep at least 30 in the game to max out your bench for AW. If you’re unsure about which ones are best for Titans/Raids/AW, check out the 7DD heroes guide for their ratings http://7ddgaming.com/heroes/

Good luck!

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Thank you! I seen that page before, it is a good resource. Keeping 30 heros makes sense for AW.

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Just passing through the forum briefly today, so I’m not stopping to give roster advice today.

I will just quickly mention that pushing to TC 20 is still a good idea to consider, even if you’re not hunting for 5s yet because of availability of ascension mats. (Which is a very sensible approach. :slight_smile:) The stats for a TC 13 giving out a level 4 hero is about 3%, perhaps 5%. Whereas the community’s done some research, and TC 20 has a drop rate of 20% for 4s, and 5% for 5s. That would help give you a better variety of heroes to choose from to ascend as you get the mats. At TC 20 you have 4 training camps to play with.



thank you for the reply. Two weeks ago, I started using a second builder. As you can imagine, if you do not have a second builder, getting to TC20 seems (almost) impossible. I asked the question because, I can get my other TC up to 13 and train for three other 4*, while I save for gems. Also, as my question stated, keep a two holy rainbow team and just train for two 4*. This is why I asked this as both a hero roster/strategy question.

Kelile has such a strange rapport on these boards. One post even asks “why is Kelile considered a bad hero.” Some note she is good at hitting, which I do fine with titans, just not with raids and campaign.

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EDIT: Include links

Why is Kelile considered a bad hero if Marjana is a good one?

TC13 Rate of 4* heroes?

UPDATE: I now am running Kelile, Drake Fong, G. Jackel, Gormek and a random (Usually Hisan) 3*. I just got another Gormek and he was so easy to level up, I am going to have two Gormeks, Kelile, G. Jackel and Drake Fong, for now.

Any problem with that?