Level 20 training camp

Sure there will be some that will wait. But waiting puts you almost a year behind everyone else. And while your building your season 2 heroes. The newer/(assuming) better season 3 heroes will be taking over.

In my mind, more people would be upset that it doesn’t happen than people will be upset if it does. By the time the camp is released and leveled the PTP/CTP will have many of the heroes already leveled while FTP are just getting a “chance” to train them.

By then as you say season 3 may be starting and they will be moving on to the next new thing and will have even less concern over them being available to train.

In my mind it makes the most sense for the community as a whole and for SG to be able to keep the game alive, semi-balanced and growing. But I may be completely wrong and it may never happen. :woman_shrugging:t3:

Everyone here is writing like it’s easy to get 5* from TC20.
I play almost 2 years and from TC I got no more than 10-12 5* heroes. (Lot’s of 4* thou) (Most of the free loots were, Elena, 4xHorghall, 3xObakan… Are these even worth of commenting?)

Don’t get me wrong, I’m P2P player, I’m spending cash every month, and for more than 100 paid pulls, all I got is Zimi(with free token) and Horghall(with free token).

It took me more than a year and a few months to get all 4* troops. (I’m not even commenting that)

You forget that looting 5* ascend materials is pain the a** …

Player will pay for ascend materials if they have good heroes in the deck…

Kage(deals almost 1000 dmg, and it’s very fast…), GM, Guin, Zeline, Mothr North… These heroes are super strong facing them…

In TC you can’t even find good green hero… Yes, Lianna is good, but if you have Marjana, Magni or Sartana(these are the best from TC), having Lianna with them is not a good idea… Only snipers, no buffers, healers(Except for Vivica).

I think that a few more heroes might be added there, a lot of new and very strong heroes are there.
There might be another level of the TC, and become TC25 where you can find some better heroes, with a little bit more expensive materials.

Check out here the odds of getting 5* (Training Camp lvl 20 - Results) … Around 2%… And if you do 200 pulls, you might get like me 4 times Horghall…

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I agree it’s not easy to get 5 stars from TC20. That is why people will still spend even if season 2 heroes get their own training camp or as the original post suggested more are added to te current TC20.

That’s why I don’t see it hurting SGs bottom line terribly if one of these ideas are implemented in the future.

In a month I was 5 and I am not an exception, it gives a 7.5%, much more than the portal, it would be a ruin for SG.

The community consensus is 5%. But even at 7.5%, the expected waits for a specific hero would be:

Current: 213 pulls
30 heroes: 400 pulls

So even running 2xTC20, the expected wait time for a specific hero would be 13 months. That’s an eternity.

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It depends, if only put in Tc20, people would put 3 or 4 to work and receive a 5 * every 3 or 4 days in the worst case.

Fair enough. They probably need a new building with a limit on number of 1 or 2. Call it something like a Hero Academy.

I agree with the premise that TC20’s relative value is decreasing as the new S2 and HotM heroes are considerably more powerful on average (ahem, Aegir?) than the average S1 5* hero available from the TC20.

Without knowing what plans SG has for future training camps I think @General_Confusion is on to something, some new standard heroes could spice it up. That and/or add some older HotM heroes to TC20 but I believe @Hyper is right, heroes that people are willing to pay for are unlikely to be added. Maybe the higher level TC would only produce 4* & 5* heroes…

I agree completely with @Alyssaann1014’s comment:

@_John_Doe I also like some of your suggestions about how to spice things up for F2P players although I believe that decrying SG’s profits is akin to banging your head on a brick wall.

SG is a business and their product is Empires & Puzzles. From their point of view a strictly F2P user only serves them if:

  1. F2P become C2P or P2P
  2. F2P bring more people into the game that are C2P/P2P
  3. F2P provide critical mass of users so that the C2P and P2P players stay in the game
  4. Advertising revenues exceed the cost of providing the game to F2P players (Zynga may up the ad count)

There are real marginal costs associated with each and every user from servers to bandwidth.

IF SG pays attention and calibrates the game balance well:

  • F2P players will be happy and (cheerily?) continue playing and spreading the word
  • C2P and P2P will continue playing and spending
  • SG will make profits since those profits are a result of people liking the game.

My FEAR is that the game eventually becomes unbalanced and less fun to play, after-all, few sequels are as good as the original, it is very hard to continually innovate well. I assume SG has the best of intentions as it is in their interest too (pride and paycheck are aligned).


Pretty much all of the best heroes are stuck behind a paywall. As long as people keep spending tons of money for them, I don’t think it will change.

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I really would like to know what the new building “hero accademy”, suppose to do.
Something hero related(like fusion or upgrading) or something troop related? (make your own 1 and 2* troops, like a training camp)

Really want to know even if there’s going to be a tc21, and when this new stuff going to hit live.


I wouldn’t think of it that way. I would be fine with any of the “S3” heroes at that point. If they were just added to the soup of TC20 5 stars, it would be about a 2.5% chance for any one. Run two or three TC20’s and you will collect some pretty quickly.

Honestly, if they did what was suggested I wouldn’t spend on an S3. I’m fine with free shots later on.

See I don’t buy into that. I still got to top 10 twice now using a mixed attack team (including 4 stars at times). I still stay at above 2600 cups with two standard heroes in my defense team.

While I would like more 5 star heroes for the f2P or very c2p to play with, it isn’t so much an equation of ability to complete as it is variation and fun.

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I may be misunderstanding what you are trying to say, but I use Lianna all the time. Sometimes I go in with a sniper army. I have even raided and gone to war with no healer in my team. It works fairly well if you understand the enemy and your team. In fact, Issy, Magni and Lianna all together make an awesome offensive force against some defense teams.

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They could create some new “regular caliber” 5 star heroes for TC20. Not as strong as the HOTM and Atlantis, just comparable to the legacy heroes. It would keep things fresh, collectors would still want them. It wouldn’t be that hard to do, just change the clothes on some of the older heroes and shuffle some specials around. It could also provoke people into spending gems on additional roster spots for the need to keep said new heroes.

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Make them interesting and fun is the key. More powerful is fine, as long as it is a bit different.

And they could add some sort of affiliation bonus to them and the older regulars …like an elemental link buff. That too would make them all more interesting. Maybe add different “orders” like the old knighthood orders, with each order focusing on a specific advantage. After a certain level (final ascension?) a hero can join the order of their choice. That would be fun.

I don’t think it would kill the bottom line if two new five star heros of each color were created and added to the TC-20. Nothing too fancy, but somewhat similar to the shiny new paid-for heros of late. Also, while we’re at it, how about a training center (21-25) for color specific 3-5 star hero training.


if they added season 2 heros to the training camp and it takes roughly a year or 2 minimal to get 1 or 2 heros, how is that fun or helpful for a FTP. there will be umpteenth new characters released at this point, with people now pushing further away.

there is no way with the drop rates as low as they are for TC20 that a FTP would wanna wait a year and pull gilra, or namahage that they won’t come back to this same forum complaining how they waited a year and only got 2 3 star season 2 heros. Like seriously?

FTP wil continue to complain and will still be another season behind with very little to show for it. everyone keeps acting like TC20 changes the game.

I ran 2 tc20 for a month str8 with s hero dropping everyday. I got 2 4bstars all three in that month. haven’t ran TC20 again

are you f2p? if not you dont know what you are talking about.
as in AM a f2p player doesnt waste any oportunity if achievable.

so a chance to a new hero is better than not running tc20.


Hai bro @_John_Doe :grin:
how is your team progressing? has there been progress?


im mostly F2P so I do know what I’m talking about. I have purchased some rolls over my 8 months but I farm and level with no spending.

8 months in i have a decent stable and a few characters almost maxed

it’s a slow process so rather than rush to max a character I took time to learn the ones I have and how to defeat the ones I had trouble with. getting new heroes doesnt equal a win and waiting months for some 3 star Atlantis heroes won’t make them happy either.

had I not decided to take a chance here and there and go after a few heroes I wouldn’t be having the fun i am and would have quit a while ago. however I’m entertained and have brought many real life friends to SG who have all had no problem making a small budget for a game we all enjoy. I have 9 real life friends in the same alliances and have befriended the alliance we joined. the most fun in this game is the people you play with. sure we gripe and complain when we get nothing but we also celebrate each person as they grow.

the only ones who complain are the full FTP and we tell them plenty of deals pop up, hop on one or shish. we all grown have jobs 5 dollars here and there to much focus on that problem over this game.

the devs deserve payment for the entertainment they give me, and in return they sometimes throw me a thank you as well with some nice heroes.

this is how the business word runs, learn from it.


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